Monday, November 10, 2008

mom's helper

My little helper,Since the motrin seemed to be working, B helped me on quilting a few pot holders....

Front (above)

My friend called to see if I had a baby quilt for a baby boy... I didn't so I put htis together out of my scrap bin... I love how fast the strip quilts go together... I'm seeing green!


  1. That is so nice to have a daughter who wants to sew. :-)
    The green quilt is wonderful!

  2. I love that green quilt. It's wonderful. And fun to have your daughter help you sew.

  3. This is a treasure -- that young lady sewing. So many parents are afraid they might get hurt, poke a finger, DANGER DANGER that the poor kids never learn the basics of physics and how things work. Yes, if you are careless with these things you can get hurt, but if you are careful, you get to have a LOT of fun and learn about life!

  4. I love that great baby quilt. Strip quilts are great! So fast and easy! Lucky you to have a daughter who likes to sew. I have only boys!

  5. Great job! I love the feeling I get when I finally use up soem of my scraps!


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