Monday, July 24, 2017

Magic numbers


Went to MN and WI to work and visit family.  ~ Check.
Had loads of fun. ~ Check.
Came home with a new puppy. ~ Check.

Wait what?
That was not the plan, but....
A serious of curious events lead us to being home this Mini Golden Doodle, whose we have named Agatha!  She will grow to about 25-35 lbs. and basically tower over our sweet Jenny Egg who is 13 pounds.

and... We found out she was born on May 29th which is Beatrice's birthday! Magic number! 
...Meant to be!

We picked her up last  Saturday which is two o amy dear friends Birthdays. So again, Magic numbers!

And we got home in time to celebrate today, my 18 Year Anniversary to my darling Hubby, Michael.  Time flies when your having fun!!!

I willow be unpacking and packing for the UK.... Swing by  the Festival of Quilts Instagram as I will be taking over their feed tomorrow and Wednesday with loads of photos of work from the new book, works I will be exhibiting, and new projects etc...Go follow there page!
Link below.  Be sure to follow me on FB and Instagram too!

We're very excited to be handing over our Instagram account to the lovely Victoria Findlay Wolfe for the next two days.
Join us from tomorrow on The Festival of Quilts Instagram page for a sneak peak into the gallery Victoria will be bringing to this year's show. 
See you there!


  1. Happy anniversary! Michael looks like such a very sweet person! It's funny, though, not to know him at all but just to see him as a minor side character on your blog! It almost makes him seem like he doesn't have much of a personality or life of his own - which I'm sure is NOT true, it's just not relevant or appropriate for your blog, so I know nothing about it!
    On an other note, I'm very involved with working with rescue and homeless dogs, and this a big advocate of adoption versus buying puppies! I hope you bought your puppy from a responsible breeder and not a puppy mill! There are so many people who breed irresponsibly, not taking good care of the parents and not being careful which dogs they breed together, which only adds to the tragedy of pet overpopulation in this country. And supporting such irresponsible breeders should be highly discouraged when millions of dogs snd puppies are euthanized every year because they have no homes. In fact, at our Humane Society we not infrequently get mama dogs, who have been discarded by puppy mills after they have been "used up" as breeders. They're totally worn out physically from having litter after litter while not receiving proper nutrition or veterinary care, and usually the sweetest dogs you can imagine. After being spayed and getting a chance to recover and regain their strength they make such sweet and devoted pets, but the back yard breeders just threw them out when they no longer had a use for them. It's a cruel business.
    Sorry, for getting on my soap box. There are, of course, also very responsible breeders who are very careful, and who do everything right. Who also make very sure that the puppies are socialized appropriately and go to good homes. I hope your Agatha came from a place like that. I know she's going to a loving home, no doubt about that. Enjoy her!

  2. Oh my gosh! A new puppy!! Congratulations! I'll bet Beatrice is over the moon. Happy anniversary to a very sweet couple too.

  3. So sweet. I sure miss my dog, but we have 3 cats to cuddle. Enjoy the puppy stages, they won't last!

  4. congratulation sot you both on your wedding anniversary.

    Will be tough leaving the new puppy behind whilst you are here for FOQ. Will enjoy your take over of instagram and also seeing your quilts at FOQ along with hearing your talk, getting excited now for the show

  5. Our 25 - 35 pound doodle now weighs 90 pounds, but is the most lovable dog we've ever owned. Congratulations on the addition to the family.


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