Saturday, April 15, 2017

Victory Block Workshop

Last weekend, I taught at my annual 2 day retreat with friend, Maureen in Salem, MA, at the House of Seven Gables. It's by far one of my favorite places to teach!  Being able to come back each year and having a group of quilters that I get to spend more and more time with each time, is a real treat as a teacher... I get to know you better, I know your skills, I know how far you you can go beyond a pattern! It's very satisfying to watch everyone grow and change as a quilter!

This weekend was no different!  We had one big design wall, so all the various blocks could be added to see each others work. It's such a learning experience to see how the block changes depending on all the variations of color placement in this traditional block.

We focused on two patterns based on my Victory Block template set: Dancing legs, and Fade to Purple.  Next, students got to choose to follow the design or go improv and come up with their own design with the pattern... I think they all did beautifully, and I came away inspired! (...and eager to sew!)

Way to go Ladies!!! You all played Beautifully!  ;-)


  1. WHAT is the template / ruler you used in the video??? I could not tell the name of it and you did not say....

    1. Hi Nonnie..
      I sure did. :-) I start out the video saying it..
      The victory block, and is listed in the entire blog post and linked to it. Everywhere.

      Sorry you missed it. Must be all that color! ;-)

  2. >> thank you found it

    1. Great, Glad you found it...See the PINK letters in the post? Those are links that take you to directly to product. Happy Sunday!


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