Saturday, December 10, 2016


Ahhhh! A  few quiet moments at home before everyone is awake!  The house is all decorated for the holidays, and I am taking a few minutes to write a few Christmas cards and have my coffee and nosh.

Today we are having SAQA members over for a December meeting/holiday event for a bit before I head over to the Store, and work for the day.  So  I you are in NYC, come by the store from 12-6 and say hi!  ;-)

Speaking of Christmas cards... I posted on Facebook this week about weather or not people still send them.
There were a whole lot of NOPE!
And a few yes's.
The answers are all quite funny and it seems many have very strong ideas about them.
no, it's a waste, 
to no it's a silly tradition, 
to no, it's a waste of money, 
to No, to busy.

To yes! and I send them early, 
to Yes, I love sending and receiving them!,
 to Yes, but not as many as we used too. 

Well, I am still a card sender... We send 250+ cards out every year... I actually prefer cards to gift exchanges!  I love getting a card in the mail at the holidays, I know we get busy, so this is a quick,
"Hi friend! Thinking of you over here!"  I miss letters, mail etc... I think that whole personal letter from someone who thought to care to stop and do that, I still really special, and  is a tradition I really love.

Christmas shopping is one I can do without... I prefer to go out as family and find things to do together. If we have need, we take acre of it, but ultimately, we all have enough stuff... The pressure of finding the best gift or the right gift, is highly over rated.  Christmas for me is about being together, with my family, snuggled up on the couch, watching a silly movie and eating good food.

I did, by the way, also ask if I was the only one who had not started Christmas shopping on FB, and had MANY VERY FUNNY (155) responses...  
Best ones:
Is it Christmastime? Uh oh...
Nope I'd rather be quilting.
I spent all my money in Houston (Quilt festival) , so....
No time and I hate crowds and long lines....
No shopping but I've made Fruit cakes...
No I'm a professional procrastinator
You mean we were supposed to start by now!!!

Apparently, I am not alone!

Speaking time... My tree skirt that has been under my tree for the past three years, with it's binding unfinished....

BTW, the winner of the CROSS & CROWN set is Christine!  Congrats Christine!  Here's to making More Christmas quilts!  ;-)  

I just finished it! YAY!!!   haha!

Be sure to swing by my STORE either online or when you visit NYC!


  1. I too love recieving and sending xmas cards especially to friends and family I have not seen during the year!

  2. I used to send out cards every year, but, it got to where I was sending 150+ cards a year, and it was just too stressful. Now I send out cards with a letter, every couple of years instead. I have to cut stress in the few places I can.

  3. My answer to card sending would be YES and handmade ones too! This is my 42 year and we usually send around 200.

  4. I still write letters! I used to write to my mom every week, but she died this fall. I sure miss writing to her. I have a friend in NE I write to frequently, and she writes to me, and we rely on those letters to buoy us up or make us laugh.

  5. I love that your tree skirt binding isn't done.

  6. I send out very few cards. I hate shopping and crowds. I don't have very many people to give gifts to so I try and give things that either I make or are very practical.

  7. It was so nice to meet you Friday afternoon at your store. You were so gracious visiting with us and showing us some of your quilts. This has been the highlight of our visit to NYC. Your store is a must stop for anyone visiting NYC. Happy Holidays.


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