Monday, October 3, 2016

Lovely Weekend!

Sewing Side Saddle:

We have a Juki Machine up in the store for those who wish to try one out or purchase, Come by and try one out! I'm just today putting in the newest QVP 2200 MINI which is the current Straight stitch machine.
But, while I was working in the store Saturday, I sat down to sew a few quick seams. BAM! My knees, I realized quickly, do not fit under the desk!

This is not the first time this has happened to me... (Reminds me fondly of teaching in Japan!with giggles all around. )

My assistants come in and say, "Well we fit just fine!"  

Yes, I am a bit long-leggedy.


I was finishing up some QUILT MARKET PREP for my next new line coming out in January.  I can't show you the whole thing yet, But I can say the back looks lovely!  Love those seams all pressed own and flat!

I also made myself a new skirt for Fall Quilt Market, using my Black and White Manor Stripe fabric ( in my webshop and store) and some Black Solid from Marcus fabrics!


Now before you start asking me for a pattern, know this...
I don't use patterns for clothing...
I learned very young to make clothing to fit myself, and I make it up as I go... So, I'm afraid, no pattern.

I'm pretty thrilled with this skirt, I think it is very "ME."

QUESTION to you & encouraging COMMENTS please:

I've been kicking around, if you have noticed or not, I've been copying my posts and posting over at the blog platform at my website... Having had this blog since 2008, I'm nervous about switching over to the website blog...  Will I lose all of you?  Can you all start popping over there?  Maybe if I continue to post here and there, and keep telling you to switch to "over there"  I'll keep you all following along?  At this point in my career, I feel it's important to have all the info in one place.

This blog would stay as it is, but I would only switch to posting over there going forward...

Will you stick with me?


  1. Love the skirt........hope to see it in person in Houston! It's an easy switch, in fact, I just did it!

  2. I will always stick with you! You are so inspiring.
    - MN Rhino Quilter

  3. If your last post on this blog says I have moved and has the link to the new blog, everyone would be able to find you. You can just leave this blog here with that link forever.

  4. i can so relate with you about being a bit long-legged. i'll stick with you.

  5. I'll definitely stay. I have followed your blog ever since meeting you I. 2013. Your words and encouragement are always brighten my day.

  6. My blog reader has long ago stopped adding blogs to the list. No doubt it is a computer issue but I have no idea how to fix. Been looking for a new blog reader but the few I have looked at as soooooo involved to set up and they want my "everything" to sell sell sell..... it is getting hard ......

  7. Love reading your blog. On your website, is there somewhere to sign-up so that your blog entries come to my email?

  8. If you tell me how to follow your new blog, I'll stick with you. Like Marti M, above, I love it when I can get an email remindind me when there's new info to read, so if that's an option.

  9. I use a feed reader, and it's fairly easy to update the feed. I will follow the move.

  10. I just popped in to the blog, and can't see a way to have blog posts from there arrive in my mailbox. Is there such an option? Otherwise, I forget to check. I'm loyal, but scatterbrained, I'm afraid. Or, could you put a link to the new blog at the bottom of this note you are kindly sending to us, so that when we leave comments we'll leave them on the new blog, which I imagine is easier for you?

  11. Of course I will!! Love the skirt. Have fun at market.

  12. When I treadle sew, I have to go barefoot, since my legs are also long (shorter than yours, tho). Otherwise, my knees hit the wooden base. Cute skirt. I never learned how to sew clothes.

  13. I just bought this Juki machine 3 weeks ago and I love it. I never needed anything more than a straight stitch now that I don't do garment sewing.


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