Friday, September 16, 2016

What a week.

It's been a bit surreal around here lately...  Settling back into fall with back to school, getting the studio back in shape for a fresh run at a crazy Fall schedule, Quilters Take Manhattan is coming fast, Quilt Market and Festival is around the corner...etc etc...  No wonder I'm gray haired! 
Forgive me for not being super active on the blog...  I have many new things to share with you, I'll share two here to get caught up.  These are fun! 

My Quilt, "You Are Here" is a part of this exhibition.
 If anyone gets to attend the opening, please send me a photo, if possible? Wish could go! I'm honored to be apart of this competition.

Opening Reception: Sept 24th, 5pm.

Nicolet College Art Gallery
5364 College Drive
Rhinelander, WI 54501…/northern_national_ar…/index.html
You Are Here, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2013

 The Traditional Home Magazine which is out on newsstands now, 
also has the article online now! For all to see!

I think it's pretty awesome to be listed in the artisan section.  
We are quilters, but the are all artist as well.

Speaking of old Mr. Swirl E. Bones...  Shown folded up above on the Motorcycle...
Which took judges choice, viewers choice at Quiltcon, 1st place at MQX New England.
Well, now.  
He, Mr. Bones, has ribboned at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

I can't believe it. 
It took me three years of submitting quilts, to get a quilt into Houston Festival.
Then I've had several quilts in for the last four years, and this year, I bring home a ribbon. I can not believe it. I'm shocked, happy, excited... and this was never the plan!
I feel so humbled that I get to make and do what I love. 
Perseverance... Keep doing what you love... Make.  Enjoy the process... Share your work.

I wont' know what he has won, until the awards ceremony, November 1st.  I hope to see many of you at Market, Festival! Who is going?

Well... Fourth cool thing, I will announce Monday. So come back Monday. OK?
off to work/play for me...

Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. What a week indeed! Congrats on all your successes.

  2. A GREAT week!!! Pretty darn fabulous V!!! Congratulations!

  3. What a week, indeed! Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations on a ribbon in Houston, I got one some years back on a group quilt (I was the quilter for the quilt............awesome ceremony..........enjoy!!!!) I am going to Houston this year and I have a two person quilt hanging in the Passagalia display a non judged show. I quilted the one with the black background. If I see you a the show I will say hi...........saw your presentation in Albuquerque a few months back.

  5. Congrats on all your hard work! You rock girl! And not only that, you inspire so many out there and are a great motivational blogger! You deserve it!!!

  6. Great article. Thanks for the link. Although the photo of you hanging off that ladder who-knows-how-many-feet off the ground made me nervous. Can't wait to hear all about your win in Houston. And, as has already been mentioned, you certainly deserve it. You have certainly put in the time and work.

    P.S. I am already designing Halloween quilt #2!

  7. Congratulations!! I was happy to read that there would be a third book at some time from you - can't wait!!
    I shall be watching the magazine stands in our local bookstore for this issue coming in.


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