Monday, June 13, 2016

*NEW* Victory! block Template set!

I've been holding out on you! I've been playing with my own 
Victory! Block Acrylic template set 
for about 5 months now! 
I've made quite a few quilts that are now being quilted... 
So I guess I should share with all of you, right?

This six piece set makes a Fun Kite and triangle block if you piece the small pieces into the triangle... Or, you also have the "Whole" shapes to use... See the variations below? I'm making a scrap quilt letting each block be completely different...  Solids, prints, you name it, they blocks all look so different and all pieced the same way. ADORABLE!!

 This quilt is quilted, but I haven't photographed it yet... I used all scraps from my scrap bin and a random amount of solids to make this sweet quilt. You can see I used the pieced triangles and the Solid triangles in this quilt... The navy, is used by piecing the whole pieces... Clever, huh?


Head on over to the website to pick up a set!

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  1. I played with some fabric just yesterday, trying to repeat the quilt block you showed the other day. After a few attempts, I decided you had a template. Thanks for sharing your 'secret' to all of us. Looks like some great designs will come out of these templates.


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