Monday, June 13, 2016

IQSCM! Visit!

International Quilt Study Center weekend. 
I'm just returning from my weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Quilt Study Center. I am on the board of the Museum and it was our annual meeting. I always add a class to my schedule, as it's hard to be there, and NOT be inspired!  I'm always itching to sew.

I taught my Pattern Play Class, which is a relaxed, improv, play out many individual
options,kind of class. We talk about the technique and the process, and how the one process never is the same for all!  Which, is the BEST part of the class. Everyone finds their comfort zone, the plan nearly always changes, depending on what you bring!  Being open to trying different layouts, design and ideas, leads to some very fun improv quilts.  YOU quilts!  Not my quilts.  It's a good way to learn how I work in my studio.

 I love teaching the class, as it's a "no fail" kind of exploration. ...and another way to "play" to loosen up your creativity, and work outside your comfort zone. 

Even in my process blocks I made in class, have taken on its own unique path. I can't wait to get home and add to it! 

These are some examples of what was happening in the class. Note how all are so different, yet interesting to look at closer! 

I love how this block of blue/green appeared in her layout. Sometimes just by working quickly, getting blocks on them wall to "see" them, new layouts appear. 
So exciting! 

While filling her design board, we were struck by the blue/green of the felt on the board, added an interesting element  to her blocks. We talked about how do you incorporate that affect with size scale of the technique we are using to keep the look intact. She also added other slices of color for added interest, as a way to pull your eye from one side of the quilt to the other. Love it. 

Simple, crisp, with some shots of "hello color!"  Her black background fabric also cut in such a way that her blocks look seamless when sewn together.

I'm always looking for "all the options" when I'm playing. Including looking at what's happening "around" my quilt. 

Take loads of photos as you move your blocks so you can get another perspective on what you are seeing.  

Never forget to look beyond the obvious. 

Try it all on for size.

Let your intuition do some work, and not just your brain. :-)

More posts coming on other adventures at IQSCM! 

My youtube channel has a new video! Pop Over to see! 


  1. you tube has many Victoria Findlay - would really help if you would put the link to the "new" video and from there we can watch the new and explore the old. thanks

  2. My YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK is at the top of my blog, right hand side... :-)

  3. Wonderful new ideas here, heading over to your channel!


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