Thursday, December 31, 2015

So long 2015

My heart aches today. A loss of someone so dear to my heart. This wave is for you, Michael Meier Rest in peace, and soar to the heavens above. You are and will be loved forever. I'm blessed to have had you in my life. 


  1. So truly sorry for this loss. May Michael be one with the sound,force, and beauty of the ocean waves and live forever in its flow. One with the memories and the music of the heart.hugs hugs hugs

  2. I love to be at the ocean, it brings me such peace and a place where I feel my daughter in spirit. May you find peace and fill your heart with his memories.


  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend ~ may he forever be in your heart ~

  4. I am so very sorry Victoria. ... my heart hurts for you and his family.

  5. I saw your post today about the process of healing and I was struck by the rawness of your pain in fabrics. I can feel your ache in fabrics and I am so, so sorry for the shocking loss of your friend. I appreciate your realness and that in the face of pain you can express the realness of feelings. I pray your friend soar above the waters that he loved.


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