Saturday, April 4, 2015


I'm still plugging away on the T-shirt/Kitchen sink customer quilt... Each day I design a new block or two for it. Remember these are not Orphan blocks, but I am designing one block at a time, to make each article of clothing into an original block... Then adding it to my design wall, and seeing what I want to add color wise to make sure I'm working in a complete .. So I have not pre-designed this quilt. I'm making, and designing as I go...

Part of my goal is to leave elements of the Clothing, but not let it be an obvious thing that Much of it is T-shirts and other clothing... I want to cut it up as much as I can, so it's all about color...

The customer wants this quilt to be as bright and happy as possible, so I get to add in color here and there, so it doesn't get dominated by the majority of white, blue and gold fabrics that are in the BOX I get to dig through. ;-)
As I was playing with  the blocks, I grabbed a half a dresden I had made in one of my classes way back when, and put it into see how it worked... I loved how it changed the movement int he quilt, so I grabbed my warm up 15 Minutes of made fabric, which I do every day...

 And sliced it up to give me more Dresden blades... I have a dresden template in my shop page here.

 Using made fabric to make the blades is such a fun way to infuse color into this quilt...

I finished the one Dresden, then thought, It certainly needs another, and before you knew it, I had three Dresden plates, then started making a few others in smaller size to dot around the quilt. My camera is not behaving lately, so I've been relying on my iPhone. I apologize the shots are not great... (I'm waiting for a new camera to come out mid April! I'm ready for a new one! A new toy soon!)

See how cute and fun these are? ...and Easy too!and T-shirt fabric to make more dresdens in different sizes... You can see below how how cute it is shaping up... I'm going to make 2-3 more MINI dresdens, and dot them around in the quilt. This quit is due Mid May, so I gotta stay on this project this week and get all the blocks done, so I can then take my time getting the top joined, quilted and bound!  I wonder if the recipient will recognize most of the fabrics... hehe.

I'm having so much fun with this quilt. It was quite a challenge to just start cutting and making without any real idea how it would turn out. Although that is always who I work, It's slightly more intimidating when the fabrics(child/grown man's clothing) are not yours!  But I am very pleased with how it's turning out.  

My original quilt which was used as inspiration for the above quilt, is this one below:
 But The Kitchen Sink Quilt, 2009 Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Linda Sekerak



SHERYL S. wins a copy of my DWR Book

Marla's Crafts won a Copy of my DWR Book

RoccaGal won the Cut it up TShirt!


  1. do you stabilize the tshirts first? how are they behaving when they are sewn to woven cottons? I've made two quilts from tshirts and didn't really enjoy the process.

    1. I fuse them all with lightweight pellon... I have not had any trouble sewing them together with cottons... The blocks are really laying nicely, even using those odd fabrics in dresdens!

  2. This has to be the coolest t-shirt quilt ever!! I love how the plates are going to be integrated in with the other elements of the shirts!!

  3. Your t-shirt quilt blocks give me the same feeling I have when I'm at my grandparents' beach home on the Oregon coast collecting seashells. There's something wondrous in every block and seashell.

  4. Design-as-you-go may become a new movement.,,, DAYG for short.

  5. Love your imagination and use of fabrics. This will be a wonderful joyful quilt!!!

  6. DAYG ...I like that (and often create that way)!

  7. Your t-shirt quilt blocks give me the same feeling I have when I'm at my grandparents' beach home on the Oregon coast collecting seashells. There's something wondrous in every block and seashell.

  8. As much as I am enjoying reading your DWR book - there is nothing like seeing those beauties in person! We saw them in Wisconsin, so great to see them up close and personal, along with your stories. Stunning ! One observation about Double-Edged Love, which I wonder occurred to you ... To me, I see a grid , modern and clean, and behind it is your grandmother's lovely works. Like your past, your roots, shining through. Really enjoying your book, and also seeing your kitchen sink progress. Happy Easter!

  9. Amazing! Your creativity knows no bounds!!! Very inspirational. Thanks for being you!!!

  10. are you going to applique or piece the dresden plates? How fun is this quilt! I'm glad you show your work.

  11. Thank you for putting your process and progress up, that is always where I find inspiration. I love the Dresdens with made fabric and how they give the quilt continuity. They are just the inspiration I need right now to keep me from turning my sewing room into a sitting room.

  12. I love the dresdens! Love the made fabric too. I like your way of using the t-shirts in the background of the blocks.

  13. Love those dresdens in with the others!!

  14. gorgeous quilt-lucky customer!!!
    so thrilled with my win-THANKS A BUNCH V!!!
    I emailed you my address!

  15. So pleased and happy to have won a copy of your book Victoria. Really will have no excuse now not to get working on more quilts. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  16. This quilt looks like loads of fun!

  17. Great to see the progress of the commission quilt and I love your original.

  18. Totally love those 15 minute play Dresdens ! I love, love your kitchen sink.... I have blocks I want to make a kitchen sink quilt with, but they look so foreign together....cowboy fabric with Bonnie and Camille fabric :O (tongue sticking out as in putrid !) I cant bring myself to do it....yet ! One of these days.......


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