Monday, April 6, 2015

Drunkard Path redo!

Reviving and OLDIE!!

I made this top, probably back in 2008. I can't find the original post for it...I have had it in a box at my house, for all these years. Every once in a while I think I should rip that top apart...  I hated the layout I did... I always wanted to rip it apart and use the DARK as the paths, and not the light...
Well, that day came!

Seize the day!  (this was Saturday that I took apart this top)

Apparently, Saturday was the day to SEIZE the quilt! I have to say, I look very serious here, But, I was SO ENJOYING ripping that top apart! hahaha! Why is that so satisfying?? I couldn't stop until I had it all back to the original blocks...

It was quite satisfying to re-press them, clean up the threads, and re-do a layout... this time, using the DARKS as the distinguishing paths...

Ahhh! Yes, I really like that better... and what's not to like! I do LOVE a BIG FOUR BLOCK QUILT! I love, love, love, them! So this was right up my alley!

I got all my strips cut and was cruising along, then I had to stop and make dinner... BOO!
Oh well, It's so close to being a top I love! It only took me seven years to get to it!


I started in sewing my strips for the borders first thing on Sunday morning... Soon after I was contemplating what was going to happen in the very middle...  Sewing on my favorite JUKI, TL2010Q... Speedy zoom zoom!

The corner stones... 
I first made the 9 patches all the same, then I thought, what If the middle one changes to the opposite... Neither really floated my boat... so I tired again....

I had four Drunkard path blocks left over, so I sewed them together to make the center whirly shape in these blocks.. hen I cut out the center of it... so I was left with a mini swirly curved center spiny thingy... (How's that for technical words?) 

I decided that I liked the movement and the connection it made to the four big blocks.... and this will be my final layout.  I do want to add another border, but I'm very low on these two fabrics... Perhaps I will find another navy blue/cheddar repro that I like enough to want to add a bit more around... But for now... I'm so pleased with this OLD TOP RE-DO!

Now the Parts are done, and just need to sew on the borders...
After that?
A fabric shopping trip that find that other repro fabric to make it larger! ;-)  Bummer!

I'm very pleased I took the time to go back and fix the top I had... Just because tops we've made and lost interest on are sewn together... we can go back and revisit them, take apart, cut them up, turn them into something else! PROOF is here! It works!!

See if you have an old top you can retrieve and set NEW EYES on! You've come along way, baby! Your quilty "eyes and likes" have changed over the years, go back and see what you can do with all that new quilty knowledge and bring an old ho-hum top, to it's full glory!


  1. I love what you have done here with these Drunkard Path pieces, both of the "new" quilts are really eye-catching.

  2. What's great post about seeing old things in a new way. Can't wait for the final border.

  3. Such a good teaching post! I never can figure out if I just don't like where a quilt was going or if I just tired of the process. But I recently pulled out several ufos and now you have shown me another option instead of just plodding along. Happy day Victoria!

  4. Good job! Love the movement in the middle.

  5. yes looks soo much better with s=dark paths and the swirly center is soo fun!!! way to rock the oldies!!!!!

  6. Very well done! I love a drunkard's path.

  7. Have never seen Drunkard's Path set this way. I like the little 9-patches, but I REALLY like the little swirly spiny thingie!!

  8. I was thinking that your original version looked very good, and couldn't figure out why you weren't happy with it. But, OMG, now that I see the re-do, I am blown away by how beautiful it is. It's FABULOUS!!

  9. All I can say: it's a good thing you hadn't already quilted it! With that determination, you'd been picking out quilting all weekend! But it does look great!


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