Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mary's quilts

 OOPS!  I deleted the video with Mary and I chatting and having tea!!! So this is the recap of our conversation... bummer!
I was actually showing her who easy it was to do videos from the computer and then I goofed it up! 
Go figure, right?


If you get out to Bedford, PA to visit Mary's shop, or her retreat center, Which is VERY lovely, by the way... Be sure to say hi from me!!  
And we will have info soon about a retreat weekend we will do net year...

Stay tuned!

Mary's fabrics that she designs for Windham, which I used to make this little DWR quilt, which is in the new book, page 89!  Double Wedding Rings,Traditions Made Modern

I'm not picky on fabrics... I love bright modern, I love repro's, I love vintage, and I love polyester!  hehe!  I just love FABRIC!

So you can take on the curves by just making a small projects,
 if you don't want to make the entire bed size double wedding ring!

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  1. Of course I'd have loved to see Mary Koval, but I don't mind at all seeing "just" you!! It's always a pleasure to watch you, because, to me, a creative enthusiasm and energy that is very stimulating, emanates from you. So, delete as many videos as you like, but don't delete yours!!


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