Friday, March 13, 2015

DC area.

 Had a lovely time in Chevy Chase Maryland, with the Needlechasers! They treated me one afternoon to take me to the DAR museum to see the Eye on Elegance show... Here's a few shots... Enjoy! Check out the show online here.

 This is all one piece needle turned appliqué...  wowza...

This caught my eye as we left the museum....
I mean, really, where else would you keep your leeches?


  1. Acckkkk! You were so close by and I missed you! Sadness ensues!
    Love the photos - so many good ideas in there. Thank you!

  2. Sorry to miss your visit to DC but your work has already inspired me so much and I am glad you enjoyed sharing with the gang up in Chevy Chase their show earlier this year was a treat.


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