Sunday, March 22, 2015

day of play

Home briefly to unpack and repack... Beatrice and I head to California for a week for some mom/daughter play time.  Today though, I packed not just my suitcase, but some play time with my quilty pals! Helen came over and brought along her really sweet postage stamp project....

...Then Miss Lisa, aka The red headed mermaid came over and joined in the sewing fun! She brought along the MQG block to play with from Lady Havartine... It's looking really cool. I love it.

Then Kim came by... Yes, she may have brought along her amazing Postage stamps quilt project also,
(Checkout that massive pile of postage goodies!!)
Yes, she may have brought along this very sweet baby quilt she was quilting...below

But.. she also brought...

Me and Lisa and homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!!
HELLO! mmmmmmm.... so good.
Lisa's Birthday is the day before mine, so we had to celebrate! ;-)

Boy, that cake was good... 
I may or may not have eaten four pieces...
but who is counting...

It was a lovely day... I'm so blessed to have very dear friends, that quilt!  
and bake!! hehe!
Me? I worked on 4 different projects, hopefully soon I will show you some of them...
Gotta get my ducks in a row and my butt back in the studio to get them finished first!!

I did my best to make a scrappy mess... and well we know what happens then...
Miss J.Egg made her nest... I know, it' s never tiring to see her snuggled in all that fabric...

One more vacation week...
Gotta go PLAY!

Thanks Helen, Lisa, and KIN for a fabulous day!!!


  1. Thank YOU, for the fabulous day! The good quilt vibes in your classroom have recharged my quilt battery, with an extry boost from that chocolate peanut butter cake! How're chances of getting that recipe from Kim?

  2. Sounds like a great day! Doesn't get much better than time spent sewing with friends. Enjoy your trip with B.

  3. My little terrier type dog, Harry, will not just snuggle down in my fabric; he'll move it, run with it, chew on it, pull it off the shelves, tear at it, hide it, all in the name of good fun. So there's no way he can ever be allowed in my sewing room. You're lucky Jenny Egg is so mellow.

  4. What a lovely day! Always fun stitching (and eating!) with friends.

  5. Looks like a perfect day. I'm loving your book, finally got a copy for my birthday :)!


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