Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sizzix updates!

My designer page and videos have been added to the Sizzix page!
Videos on using the dies are now available! 


  1. Wow Victoria! This is fantastic. It is such a great representation of your work and what a neat lady you are!


  2. Very nice video! See you at QuiltCon in 13 days!

  3. Great video! It made me teary too!

  4. Awesome video - didn't quite get to hear that confession (before you were married!).
    So glad you have found pure joy! and are having such a great creative time!

  5. What a great video - you got me with tears in my eyes!!

  6. Lovely video! I feel the same way about cycling as you do about motorcycling - it's my quiet place. And I love to do it on vacation, everywhere I go. I wish it were easier and cheaper to get a bike on a plane. And I am going to do that for the Five Boro Bike Tour, May 2016!


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