Sunday, February 8, 2015

orange you glad?

Just playing in my postage stamps... Wondering how they will eventually live...will the orange four patches stay? 
 It's waaaaay to soon in the game to see how far I will go with these... 
But I enjoy playing out all the options...

I taught a class on Saturday at Huntington Quilters... I had two helpers along with me... Beatrice and Jenny Egg!  I tried to demo a layout, but someone had to put her two paws ( or two cents) into the show as well!  Talk about teachers pet!  hehehe!

Come sail with me!!  FUN!!
TWO options! one in sept 2015
and one in January 2016!


  1. Love postage stamp quilts. How big are these little babies? Oranges & lemons are the best.

  2. I love the orange with the postage stamps.

  3. What else would you do with the orange 4-patches?

  4. Been looking back thru your posts! What fun ideas! Love the orange!


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