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Sizzix Blog hop


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Be sure to visit the other Blog Hoppers to see what's on their walls!

Be sure to visit the other Blog Hoppers to see what's on their walls!

January 16th Jamie Fingal
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January 21st Jenny Doan
January 21st Victoria Findlay Wolfe

This is a new work in progress, the best part fo using my SIZZIX to cut out my Melon shapes, is, I can cut many out and play quickly with my design.  I had an idea that I thought would make a sweet small quilt, and now, I can tell you it a KING size quilt!  I'l have to give you more images in the next month, as it is not all sewn together yet!  

Just to clarify, My quilts in my new book are NOT using SIZZIX dies.  
I have my own regular DWR patterns included in the Book (Fold out at back of book)  for you to use, to make your own DWR quilts.  I suggest using template plastic to trace your template pieces.
Take on those curves!

But, if you have a Sizzix, I highly recommend playing around with this shape... they go together so quickly.

Sizzix dies are just another way I PLAY in my studio. I can cut quickly and perfectly...I can get my pieces up on the wall, move them around, cut more, and continue to play. I like working fast. These allow me to do that, and cut down on my cutting time...

This quilt is a color study...(How far can I push the palette using a limited number of solids) I used nearly all solids, although you can see a glittery gold pressed linen in there!  ...and you may or may not find a print in there eventually!  I have a hard time working in all solids!

I had thought it would be a small wall quilt when I started it but it kept growing and growing!
(Yes, it's now King size) big surprise, right?
 The final version will be shown sometime in the near future when I get it complete!

Be Sure to also visit Jenny Doan's Blog today! 
A Very fun event Jenny, Myself and Sizzix
 put together that will happen in October
 at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.!!!! 
A Sewing retreat!!!
Get all the details at her blog.
Here's a peak at the info!

Get excited for the Big Shot Quilting Retreat with Jenny Doan, Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Linda Nitzen from Sizzix at the Missouri Star Quilt Company Sewing Center in October!!  Check-in will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday which will give you time to take a tour of Misssouri Star Quilt Company's facilities, tour the town, browse the shops, sew or just relax until dinner in the evening.  Throughout the weekend we will have daily classes with Victoria, Jenny and Linda, tons of projects and some great surprises. 
PLUS --- Sizzix will demo some of their fabulous products and you'll get to try them out for yourselves.  Enjoy trunk shows by BOTH Jenny Doan and modern quilter Victoria Findlay Wolfe!
So, whether you've been dying to try out the Big Shot or are a seasoned Big Shot pro, this is the retreat for you!

Thank you to all the great bloggers who participated in the Blog hop! Great work, 
and loads of ideas were shared!


ALSO! Part  2
 of my Sewing with Nancy episodes is on her website now:


  1. Hi, love the explosion of color, my favorite thing. Great quilt.

  2. Happy Wednesday to you!! Can't wait to meet VFW at QuiltCon!

  3. Can't wait to see the BIG finished quilt!

  4. I'm exctied for your Sizzix dies! The Sizzix machine was MADE for cutting those big curved shapes! Perfect!

  5. Sizzix would be an incredible tool to own, quilt looks wonderful.

  6. I would love a chance to win a Sizzix!

  7. I love that color study. It makes my heart sing.

  8. What a great giveaway! You make it look so easy with this machine. ;)

  9. Love the colours Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I purchased my Sizzix Big Shot Pro last year after seeing the amazing quilts you were making and doing some research (I read Ebony Love's guide--it's so helpful). I have made four quilts since November using my die-cutter and am kicking myself for waiting so long--the blocks just come together so nice. I haven't tried curve piecing yet but I plan on doing it--I need to purchase your melon die first. Thanks for all you for quilting!

  11. I can see how a Sizzix would greatly speed up my cutting & would spur my creativity.

  12. What a great quilt this is going to be Victoria! I love the colors and the way you're using the Sizzix as a tool to create art has me very intrigued!! ...Sizzix...more art supplies...hmmm.....

  13. Today is a very special day! Today my daughter (27 yrs old) celebrates her 1 year anniversary of being Colon Cancer Free!

  14. Wow! Sizzix would be such a great cutter to have , all my scraps and piecing would be so easy to achieve. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Love your Sewing With Nancy shows! I'm convinced I could be more daring with my favorite traditional quilt blocks, just by changing one thing. "Tweaking" sounds like fun...

  16. I just finished watching both shows and all I can say is Joyful Happy quilts.

  17. These new dies are amazing! And the ideas that you and the other designers came up with for patterns are just stunning! I am amazed at your talent and imagination! Quilt on!!!

  18. All of these sizzix projects are AMAZING! I don't know if my ability level would allow me to create anything that incredible...but I'd love to try! :)

  19. What a great give away. I didn't realize the sizzix is this cool!

  20. This Quilt has a B E A U T I F U L Array of COLORS!!!
    THANKS for the Chance to W I N !!!

  21. Beautiful colors and the sizzix makes it soooo easy to make perfect cuts! Awesome!

  22. Darn it! I need the Big Shot Pro now so I can use your dies!

  23. I really love the solids! Hoping you post a photo of the completed quilt!

  24. WOW!! LOVE this so far and hope to see the finished quilt! GORGEOUSness! TFS!

  25. ***C O N G R A T S*** to RENEA !!!


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