Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun fun Fun!

So much fabric flying over here in Tokyo!  One 15 Minutes class is complete, where we focused on Stars, Y seams, and looking at color, then yesterday was a Double Wedding Ring Class, of my quilt, Strings of Florid Blooms.  I had a lot of fun with these great ladies, their fabric selections are excellent!  And I must say, I have purchased more fabric then I would have expected, myself, as we have a quilt shop right across the hall from the classroom.

Some of the ladies from class yesterday.
Today, We, Kim and I, are off to check out some other parts of Tokyo, then we get to go into to see the JUKI booth at the Tokyo Dome, where the Tokyo International Great Quilt Show is held.  My quilts are being hung today, so I get to see it before the show starts! I'm so excited to see the show and get prepared for teaching at the show!

I hear that it will be MOBBED with people, about three times the amount of people who attend Houston International... So the excitement builds! Pictures to come!

More later!

Leslie Tucker Jenison

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  1. Have a ball at the show, Victoria! I've been 4 times (though not for a couple of years) and it has never failed to blow me away. I'll be looking forward to your impressions!

  2. Looks like you ladies are having a great time, love all the stars! Enjoy the show Victoria!


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