Thursday, January 8, 2015

off to WI...

I'm off to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Textiles to teach a two day Double Wedding Ring class... I had to put  a class sample together, to show as I go, and all the ones I had were finsihed!  So here, I have the quilt in parts, that I will take with me, and when I get home, It will be a quilt top!  I used up four orphan blocks as well, in the concave squares... Cute, huh?

Snazzy huh?  My inspiration fabric was this Pink stripe fabric... I had just rcvd a pile of kona solids in all the new shades, and thought they would be nice and perky for this quilt!
Pink Fabric is: Josephine kimberling by blend hope chest 114.101.06

 I'm totally loving this quilt...  It's screams WARM days...  ( you hear that Wisconsin Winter? )
WARM! Not sub zero temps please...

wishful thinking... sigh.


  1. Looking great! Have fun and stay warm :)

  2. Minus 10 on the way in to work here in Wisconsin! It is supposed to be a bit warmer this weekend though. Looking forward to the class this weekend. Sewing machine and materials all packed!

  3. I dug out my furry boots today! Gotta keep the tootsies warm!! EEK!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Wisconsin! Keep warm! I think this is going to be a very cute WR quilt!

  5. These colors and the placement make my heart sing. It is wonderful. Thank you for the quiltspiration. Getting my very own curved ruler this spring and looking forward to the process of creating an epic piece. My suggestion for the uber cold: a soft, lightweight silk scarf to cover your lower face, you can breath through it and not get frozen skin. Safe Travels!

  6. OMG, i love the sample quilt, lucky Wisconsin Quilters.

  7. silk long johns. way to go.
    I was thinking to myself as I perused 15 Minutes Play last week - I wonder what V is up to? I love that you always inspire with something new - keep warm and have a good class.

  8. oh loved your choice of fabrics. Hope your trip is safe and FUN

  9. Love, love the quilt............

  10. I am completely smitten with this one!!!! Every single piece😊.


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