Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's a start...

Today....A bit of work,
and a bit of being sidetracked...   ( SQUIRREL! )
This quilt, above, started with the new liberty fabrics I purchased in London last week. 
I've had a lot of fun, so far!
(It's a start)

We were over to London to see family and two art exhibits, one by your friend Allan Jones,

 at the Royal Academy, 

and the Rembrandt Show at the National Gallery. Amazing...
Both shows, so different, of course, but both so well worth seeing.

My Liberty score... Gotta love it,when it's on sale!

Our hotel was lit up so nice for the holidays!

So nice to catch up with Trudi and Dorothy in London too!!

Happy New Year!!!

Nice to be home, but sadly, I brought home a stuffy head... blah.


  1. Love your star quilt and I really love those fabrics you brought home with you! The photo of the three of you is really sweet. :-)

  2. Love the hotel! And how I wish I could see the shows. And such a lovely family picture!

  3. Happy New Year and all the good things to come, my delightful friend!

  4. what a great trip. and a great LIberty score!! Hope you are feeling better

  5. London during the holidays must have been great. I adore the picture of the three of you! The new Liberty fabrics with the linens is going to be yummy. xo


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