Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Full Melon! ~Sizzix

On this quilt I used linen for the inset concave squares...
then I selected some beautiful combo purples, golds, and browns and grays.

What is so fun here, is to use the DWR  then adapt it by using my FULL MELON DIE. Think how else you can manipulate the information within the Melon! Believe me there will be some serious play going on over here with these!
ACCURACY in cutting is so important when doing curves, and these, sew to gather like BUTTER! 
FUN AND FAST!  I designed, made and quilted three baby quilts in one week for this project... PHEEW!  That's one way to get a quick learn on the long arm machine! this was one of them...

Using the DWR die from Sizzix, I also used my NEW FULL MELON die to made the below quilt... Great for MADE FABRIC 15 Minutes style or for SCRAP BUSTING! I used all my yummy oranges to make this beauty!! I scrapped in a few pops of lavender, just to be a tease! After I designed this, I asked my friend Mary to piece it for me (below)  ... I made 10 quilts for market in about three weeks. So I thank her for her help! I also had my friend Shelly Pagilai of prairie moon quilts, quilt this one for me...  Thanks ladies, for your help!

Good to move fast, design fast, and be happy with your choices.. No need to worry, you can always make more!  The colors in this one though just make my heart sing!!!

 This is what happens when I tried to bind it...

But it sure looks good in the sun, all bundled up!

What  I love about a full Melon in the DWR is one they go to gather quite quickly! And two,  I can easily manipulate the information that goes into each melon... I can manipulate all of it, or just a side of one..Like I did below... Some melons have Made Fabric 15 Minute style, and some I only added a red and green on the end of melon, so when you put them all together, you have flowers! This can be done improvisation ally or with real accuracy if I make my plan ahead of time. Very fun, fast and accurate with the Die cut.

There are so many fun ways to use the die to change up the pattern... I'm sure there will be more of these in my future!

I have more of these quilts showing how else to use the die, to show you, but will save some during Market, to share with you!

Next up will be the Tulip die.


  1. oh my! wow! speechless. love all of them but the Christmas quilt really starts to show the endless possibilities...

  2. Love it - does this work with AccuQuilt? Or do I need to buy a Sizzix?

  3. Delightful poinsettias that are happening!

  4. It's almost sacrilegious for you to post publicly how quickly you are making all these quilts! Apart from the fact that it's truly amazing! All the rest of us out here are constantly struggling to convince everybody that it takes "forever" or at least a very long time to hand make a quilt, and that it's thus a real work of art and worth a lot more than the $100 or so they charge for a "quilt" mass produced in China or another Asian country

    1. Haha! You must realize, I sew 14 hours a day five days a week... And extra time on weekends...
      I work quickly, and I've done enough DWR to have it down pat.
      When you can cut eight layers on a die cut out at a time, your able to get much more done! Everything is cut perfectly, which makes for easy piecing. :-)

  5. this is so exciting I have been considering buying a system so will have to look into The Sizzex machine.
    love making one block quilts so I know having them cut out in layers like this is going to save me so much time…..
    so looking forward to the tulip shape, I hope its a big size!


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