Thursday, September 18, 2014

Home again home again....

 I had so much fun in Newtown, PA the last two days!! These ladies were one rocking group! Fabric was flying, people were sewing like crazy, and I cam home inspired!

Classroom is ready for QTM this weekend! Quilters Take Manhattan!!! YAY!!

I'm now home, whipping up my home, classroom to be ready for tonight's ( Thursday) party for Roderick Kiracofe's new  book release Unconventional & Unexpected .

AMAZING book of inspired quilts!

This a must have book for all of you who, like me, love the out of the norm- artistic and unique quilts!

More on the book later...  But here is one peek.... My grandmother's quilt she made for me, is included in the book... This moved me to tears... If only she knew.


  1. how special to have her quilt included in this book. I am happy for you…
    guess its a book I need? I love his other books and bet this one would inspire me in the direction I want to be going it...
    love the blocks from the class.

  2. That book is already on my wish list, might just need to move it to the shopping cart! Have a great time with your class, I wish I was going to be there.

  3. That is so cool your grandmother's quilt is in the book! Have fun this weekend at all the events!

  4. what a touching tribute. the book looks yummy (i like to throw big words around)!!

  5. How wonderful that your grandmother's quilt is in the book!

  6. Oh, how wonderful Victoria, your grandmother would be so thrilled and proud! Hope the party was fabulous!!


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