Sunday, September 14, 2014

Atlanta and back....

Quilting Live in Atlanta was great fun!  We made Mini quilts and also some Double Wedding Rings!  It was such a whirlwind trip! Check out all the fun stuff!

I'd say these are about actual size... ;-)      1.5" blocks...

My husband and daughter picked me up friday night and we went straight out to our house... I meant to post over the weekend, but I realized I didn't bring my computer along with me!  And no other WORK projects, so I got to relax, sew whatever I wanted, and also Cooked all day on Saturday! Beatrice and I made a carrot cake, I made a few jars of Rhubarb chutney, then cooked a great meal of Salmon with Leek & spinach cream sauce with Gruyere scalloped potatoes... Yep, I went all out!  

I sewed some 15 Minutes of Play blocks, which are for one of six new commission quilt projects!
Someone asked me this weekend if I still get to "just sew." 
 I said, "That's all I pretty much do." 
She said, "No like, just for fun." 
I said, "Everything I do is fun! 
 I only make what brings me joy...  Finding people who want to have one of my quilts, and making it for them, is pretty great...  Next to giving one away! That is #1, to give to those who need. 
Quilts bring Joy.
I get Joy in making them...
I always make the quilt I want to make... So the fun is always present.

I'll keep you posted on this project as it grows... 
It's so bright and happy, hard to be sad, looking at all that color!


A super Busy this week!

Newtown Quilters Guild in Newtown, PA Tuesday and Wednesday. 16th -17th

Hosting a Book Release Party for Roderick Kirakofe here on Thursday eve.

Quilters Take Manhattan Saturday at F.I.T. ( sold out) 20th
QTM After Dark party here in my home Saturday night. 20th
Miniatures Class here in my home classroom Sunday. (sold out) 21st
Then I head to Acton, MA with Alex Veronelli of Aurifil to Quilters Way : 
we both lecture on Sept 23rd.
Then Sept 29-30th I am at Keystone Quilters, in Quakertown, PA 

Amazing book, by Roderick Kiracofe. So many fabulous quilts inside, you will be inspired!!! Check it out! 
More info on that to come...


  1. I JUST bought that book! It just arrived yesterday. is FABULOUS!!!

  2. Love that your schedule sounds like a marathon, but you are having fun doing it. Your cooking marathon sounds amazing!

  3. "I only make what brings me joy".......amen to that! Thanks for the wonderful post.

  4. Victoria....came across the Roderick and Victoria chat on facebook....FABULUS...just had to share it on my blog. LOVE, Love, loved it....Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video. The book is indeed AWESOME. I too read it in one weekend. Received my copy on Friday evening....finished reading and devouring it by Sunday. Just couldn't put it down. Loved the quilts and learned so much more about M-provisational quilting by focusing and viewing the subject matter thru the eyes and visual tastes of so many other people. GREAT BOOK!!!


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