Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where am I now?

(Warning: A long post to make up for a week of missing posts!)

Yes, I am a farm girl... I may live in NYC, But I was born and raised on a beef cattle farm in Minnesota, with International Tractors and Chevy trucks... My first lessons in driving was on a Farmall tractor... And I am obsessed with International Harvester RED... Maybe that is why RED is in every quilt I make...  On my travels, from the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts,   (see why it's so cool my quilts are hanging in a BARN Museum in Wisconsin?) That farm thing keeps coming up...

Did I mention the book will be out in January??   
I'm excited can you tell?

I went to Waunakee, WI and sewed for two days at  Millhouse Quilts,(Thank you Diane for letting me SEW in your great shop!) with my friend Trish... We got to talking about overalls and red shirts somehow, and I recalled a photo of  myself as a young one, with striped osh kosh overalls and a red t-shirt on as a kid... And it hit me...

I have to make the International harvester Quilt... in double Wedding ring. 

Weird how memories take hold, and even stranger....that I was compelled to make a tractor quilt, right?
Number 21, in the DWR series!

 Millhouse had a line of cotton/linens in blue jean fabrics, and I bought all of them....

So I leave Wisconsin and head to Missouri to see my friend Shelly, from Prairie Moon Quilts... I'm barely out of the car and onto a horse...
 Giddy Up Bonnie!
(That is a completely side note, but I will get back on track with this story if you stick with me...)

That was great fun...Next, Shelly and I scoot off to Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in Brunswick, MO, to stay at the retreat center, and sewed for 5 days straight! 

I was on a mission, I had that extra Double Wedding Ring quilt to make for a fall exhibit... and this would be my only time to get it made on this work road trip... 

I was off and running, feverishly working on this quilt, adding elements, adding appliqué, all the while knowing that, by Sunday night, I had to be done with this quilt to leave it for Shelly to quilt for me... ( It must be done in August)

We sewed 4 days on our own, and on Saturday had 20 others come and sew with us. Which was great fun...  (even with a sewing machine snafu, but that is a story for another day) Love my JUKI!!  Friends, Klonda and Edie, and many other FB pals, all sewing in one room! Klonda brought along her quilt she made from my pattern in AP&Q, ( pattern available here) my version below

...And by Sunday evening, 11:39 pm, my Tractor quilt, "Big RED" was finished... with tractor tire tracks around it, and corn stalks and all....

WAHOO! The final stitches!

BIG RED, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, July 2014

If that wasn't enough fun, we left there and went to Hamilton, MO to see Jenny Doan, at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
One Inspiring Lady!
We got the whole tour of the 8 building, quilt shop. (Yes you heard me right)  Amazing...

And now, I'm in Wichita Kansas at the Prairie Quilt Guild til Thursday morning....

I'm off to drop off to sleep.

What great week it's been!

Are you tired after reading all this?
 I am ...

See you in St. Louis... Friday!


  1. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Thank you for coming to Wichita. Sheri

  2. Who hoo!! I love love LOVE Big Red! Husband who grew up on a sheep and wheat farm also loves it and said to tell you he totally gets you ;)

  3. So glad you are having an adventure! Love the new quilt. You never know when inspiration will strike, do you!

  4. Your creativity amazes and inspires me. What a great quilt!

  5. Big Red is great! I love that crazy border! Sounds like you are have a wonderful trip!

  6. Love the quilt so I will forgive ya for being a Case gal and not a Deere gal! ;0) I'll sign off 'from Moline home of John Deere' as a matter of fact our guild has monthly retreats at the John Deere house!!

  7. well aren't you having an adventure - you mention some of my favorite places - Millhouse Quilts is the best! it is about 8 miles from my daughter's house and I go there to shop every time I visit - I have been to the Missouri Star Co also.

  8. Wow, the quilt is amazing and very clear riff on the theme! Thanks for bringing us all along on your road trip!

  9. Oh my, such fun! Absolutely love the tractor quilt.

  10. I want a tractor quilt now, too. But mine will have to be Deere green... not as pretty as yours.

  11. Congratulations on the new upcoming book! And fun travels...

  12. LOVE the tractor quilt! I grew up with John Deere, but married an IH farmboy - my sister made IH quilts for both my sons when they graduated high school, and I am planning one for my hubby's 50th birthday. I love the sound of old John Deeres, but I gotta admit that Farmall red is my favorite color. Just don't tell my husband I said that, I would never live it down ;)

  13. Awesome quilt! I learned to drive on a 54 international pickup...so glad I've always know to drive a stick shift otherwise certainly would've been stranded in college a few nights when the original driver had too much to drink and not everyone could drive a stick.

  14. whew, yep I am tired...... take good care of yourself and congrats on that finish with a deadline!
    Don't know how you do it! :0)

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  15. I love the effect of the tire tracks all around! Saturday was so fun. Glad you had a great time in Missouri.

  16. I will admit it --- this afternoon I was lucky enough to see/hear someone I consider to be the most awesome and inspirational quilter, author, lecturer! Thank you so much for you.

  17. Oh my goodness!! May have to replicate that tractor quilt! I wasn't a farm girl but am a farm wife in Indiana. I spend lots of time in our International tractors and hauled lots of corn and beans in a Chevy truck until we upgraded to semis. I enjoyed your story and love all your quilts, but especially the IH one!

  18. What a great trip you're having! Love your Big Red!!

  19. I really like the look of the tire tracks around your quilt

  20. you are unbelievably FAST!!!! love the tractor tracks, excellent interpretation. takes me back to the dirt (on my grandma's farm).

  21. Love this! Red is a great tractor color! Thanks for taking us along on the adventure!

  22. I saw that International sign on your blog and wondered why in the world a girl from NYC would have that on her blog....turns out your not a city girl at all !! You can take the girl out of the country...but you can't take the country out of the girl....Right ! I enjoy reading your quilting adventures and I am TOTALLY wowed at how fast you got the tractor quilt finished ! WOW ! And I love the corn on it ...very cute !

  23. Your DWR quilts look fantastic hung in that barn and Big Red is spectacular. Love those treads!

  24. Wahoo! Great tractor quilt. That tire tracks border is brilliant!

  25. Oh so lovely! What a whirlwind! Such nice details on Big Red. Looking forward to the new book too :)


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