Monday, June 30, 2014

Sew fine and pretty!

Jodie at Sew Fine Fabrics sent me some lovely organic fabrics to play with, so I mixed them up with my solids... Remember before I left for this trip I was trying to decide what to do with them?  Well, they went perfectly with what Jodie sent me, so here are some snaps of what they are becoming!

 I cut all these cute little tumbler shapes, and found my linen to maybe figure out a plan.... I purchased a few other pieces/colors, and will cut and mix them up for backgrounds....

 My tiny  little travel iron is working out to be a good buy!

I have two day sot just SEW, in Madison WI, before I head to Missouri...So I'm doing a bit of work... I string pieced these all day long... They look so cute!

I've sewn both ends together,  turned them and made these little boats... I have maybe 200 more to trim and turn. LOL... I'll continue to watch Netflix, The Vampire diaries...  
(It's so cheesy I have to watch it...)

Maybe tomorrow I will have a good shot of what these cuties will become!
Pop over and visit Jodie at Sew Fine Fabrics.... Lot's of pretty fabrics to spy!!

If you are on Facebook, follow me there during the summer... I post often when I am on the road... Sometimes Its hard to find computer time, while teaching/lecturing...

I sat last night and finished up the binding on this class sample quilt for QBL... Going to be one fun class!!


  1. Love your stringed pieces. Don't think I've ever had such a long chain as you've got going on there. Will be fun to see what they become.

  2. It is nice that you have a break to play with those pretty colours.

  3. Intriguing! Good luck for the rest of the road trip.

  4. love tumblers :) can't wait to see what you make! safe travels

  5. Pretty fabric, I love to see the beginning of something great!!

  6. I love your strings of pieces. The colors are beautiful. They remind me of faded Tibetan prayer flags. Am curious to see what those "boats" become!

  7. Love the pretty fabrics you received. Can't wait to see what the boats become.

  8. The pink and yellow start quilt is so pretty and summery. I love the fat striped border... when I first say it (you showed off the completed top a while back) it inspired me to make adding more striped fabrics to the stash a priority.
    Enjoy your quilting days, and have fun teaching!

  9. cute tumblers--you ijspire me to use up my scraps every time I read your posts. What kind of travel iron did you get?? hugs, Julierose

  10. I love those fabrics. I just looked at the shop and will re-visit this weekend when I have more time! Thanks for a great resource. I've done several tumbler quilts and really like them but been there, done that. I like where you are headed, will have to keep an eye out...have fun!

  11. Inquiring minds want to know . . . what is going to float those sweet little boats?

  12. Hi Victoria! Your Project looks interesting and those Fabrics are really beautiful! I love sunny colours as you have in your star quilt! x Teje


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