Sunday, June 1, 2014


The catalog is up for review at the QUILTCON website! 
I can't wait to PLAY, lecture and teach in Austin!
Here are my lecture details and class details:

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  1. I sure hope to have time to visit with you at QuiltCon. I need to pick my classes, yours look really fun.

  2. Am wondering if you will have a pattern for those that cannot make Quiltcon. That would be fabulous!!

  3. Oh darn, now I wish I was going to QuiltCon. I'd love to take a class with you ~ I know you'd be the most fun teacher!

  4. I am so hoping to get into your lecture. I was only able to do a quick few hours at QuiltCon in 2013 to see the quilts and visit some vendors. For 2015, I've already printed the catalog/schedule and plan to get out my highlighter and post-it notes and strategize over the next couple of weeks. Hope I have better luck at getting into classes than I have with blog giveaways, lol.

  5. I hope to attend the 15 minutes of play class so I can play with others


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