Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sewing like crazy!

Playing with some triangles on a roll again!  I'm working on a quilt that needs a fun border, so I dug out the roll, grabbed my scraps, and away I went…  Each time I add a seam I get out my Havels Rotary cutter, fold the paper back and trim my seam allowances to a 1/4"… Everything stays so nice and perfect this way.  In fact there tutorial here shows it's even easier then I make it to be… CLICK HERE. Things line up perfectly!

Nice sharp pointy points!  Isn't it fun! Come to Wisconsin in June… and you can se the quilt! 
You can also sign up now for class and lecture! Call the Museum… Phone: 262.546.0300 

If I get this quilt done this week, I can then work on my other quilt for myself, a bit! ...and hopefully show you a peak of it this weekend!
Here's hoping for a productive week!


  1. I have to wonder what you mean by a 'productive week' when your unproductive weeks seem so bloody ... well ... PRODUCTIVE!!! Happy stitching. I'm off to find out more about your triangles on a roll. I'm intrigued xx

  2. Lovely triangles. Also nice for a Christmas tree border.

  3. Thanks for another shout out with Triangles On A Roll again Victoria! Your border looks great from here. It sounds like maybe you have come up with a slightly different technique for working with the paper. Very interesting! Wish I could come to Wisconsin in June to see how it all turns out.

  4. I love working with paper like this so I'm giong to have to get some of these for a great border, it looks like the best way to do this and get a great result. You are busy and that's great for you, I'm slacking on the west coast these days. Thanks for sharing this product info.

  5. I've never tried the triangles on a roll and I shy away from paper piecing. Something to try in 2014.
    If I were able to sew right now( on hiatus from hand surgery) I'd have 15 minutes of play and create quilted words "try" and "brave"
    Thanks for the tutorial

  6. Can't wait to see the quilt! Because... yep... I am signed up for the lecture and the workshop! Can't wait! I missed you last year when you were in the area due to vacation plans. I signed up a couple of months ago as I did not want to miss it.

  7. Sew girl, sew. Good luck with the finish so you can play with one of your own.


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