Thursday, January 16, 2014

done and begin again.

My four borders are done! weeee!!!! The look so nice!!! What's next?


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Embroider baby name on baby quilt… must get it shipped!
Which color should I use to embroider her name on her quilt? 

Selected about 30 yards of fabric, picked out for one quilt, not even Queen size.. 
You do that too, right?


  1. Thanks so much Victoria for the link to our web site and tutorial. You are the best. And your border looks great! Have fun with your new quilt. I agree, starting something new is always so much fun.

  2. You always need options! It is surprising how much fabric it takes to make a quilt. I had bought 6 yards of a spider web fabric for a quilt for my brother and I use it all including a few scraps of selvage along with 17 other prints. It was a queen sized beast!

  3. Thinking about using some wonderful African batik for quilt -- Lots of black, blues and purples with dashes of pink and white. Always something to keep me focused on the current project so the next one can be started.

  4. I've got two huge stacks of fabrics on my cutting table this morning, for what will be at most a smallish lap quilt. It will use at best about a third of the prints I've pulled and far less than that of the total yardage piled up.

    Hmmmm, that means I've got more than enough for two tops, doesn't it? Now I'm seeing a bright summery one and a cool evening-y one...

    Oh boy! Double the fun!

    I love to cut fabric. It's going to be a good day.

  5. I have had so many ideas lately for new quilts from math ones to a retake on some old favorites.
    I totally need options when I quilt, I pulled at least 10 fabrics for on block for a bee just to play and see how they look laid out together. And the amount I pull for quilts could easily make 2 or 3, haha. A girl needs options!
    Now I am off to press and cut some fabrics for another project.

  6. Can't wait to see your reveal, I love red and brown too. Have never added purple, hmmmmm. My goal this year is to make a green and purple quilt that I've been collecting fabrics for for about five years!! Now I just need to decide on a pattern.

  7. I love your new thread collection! I just ordered it for my shop and can't wait to start selling it. I know it will fly off the (virtual) shelves like hotcakes :-)

  8. Hmm, ideas brewing, I do not know why its so hard to make a quilt for myself, but Im not gonna yet. The next quilt I start this weekend will be an uber mod blocky solids quilt, and this one will be the 1st one I sell. But I prob will not list it since I cannot seem to part with any of my quilts, I get too attached - but we'll see!

  9. Yes I do that. I pull a lot of fabric. Sometimes I feel it gets my brain motivated, plus lining up the fabrics that I pull out seems to be different than when I just look at the fabric in my stash. Having the color/patterns next to each other changes something for me. The same if I choose to photograph them and look at the photo. All kinds of neat ways. Have fun creating. I think the first photo looks neat. Thanks again for your help. I waited and prayed and would you know I am staying where I am -it all worked out. Hugs

  10. Those fabrics look yummy! I'm totally with you on the red front ... everything looks good with added red!
    This year I decided I was going to learn to do Hexagon/equilateral Triangle quilts and Curved piecing. I'm currently quilting my first foray into hexagons. It's so much fun to try new things :)

  11. Funny - I love RED (my favorite color) and I have been hoarding French General for awhile too. I hope to start something soon. I'm glad you share more about the triangles because it sparked something and I just ordered some! I am constantly pulling out way too much fabric for my projects and then having to spend hours putting it all away...


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