Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Dry Good designs! My package of glorious fabrics arrived!!! YIPEEE!!!
Now what will become of these beauties!
Xmas gifts?
Gifts for me?

Are you making most of your gifts this year or buying?

I'm currently finishing up, updating my own shop page…
Thread, fabrics, books, and some other fun projects for quilty peeps!
so, stop back... last minute goodies will be available!


  1. I'm doing both- made a few and buying the rest. All comes down to how much time I can find. Have a good Christmas!

  2. I received my fabric last week and haven't had a free minute or any sunshine to take pictures and blog about it. It is beautiful and has an amazing hand. I love it - you have every right to be proud of your creation.

  3. Lovely bunch of fabric. The one on top was designed by my very talented sister. I'm doing a combo of made and bought gifts. Happy sewing as you create your Christmas gifts.

  4. The fabric is totally YUM! I am making most of the gifts as usual - flannel quilt for my sister, pillowcases for the nieces and nephews. For the little kids I did buy big fat color books and crayons - boxes of 96 crayons! What 3 year old wouldn't love a big box of crayons!

  5. I am buying. I am still new to sewing and not quite confident enough in my projects to give them as gifts.
    I do make quilts for people as I go along though - my quilts tell me - often surprise me - who they need to be with. Although it sometimes comes as a surprise, once I know, there's no turning back no matter how many times my DH says I should keep it... :) I gave 2 quilts this year and my tea towel quilt has a home in mind...I'm wrestling with that one... Want to buy Megan's calendar - Looks awesome!!!

  6. All good intentions to make presents this year, then we had a hiccup and hospital visits don't sit well with sewing machines, so a quick dash to (nice!) shops will have to do. There's always next year!

  7. I'm so glad you found Keli's shop in Seattle! I met her last year at the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up. She is a lovely person, and so generous to her customers! She also has wonderful taste and a beautiful selection!


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