Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quilter's Play Manhattan quilt: AUCTION!

A heads up about the final week of Quilt Alliance auctions. 

Next week  NOW!!!! AUCTION IS ON NOW!! it will include a MASTERPIECE by Victoria Findlay Wolfe that was begun at Quilters Take Manhattan 2012. This is a stunning work, 70" X 70" quilt, and here is a 90-second video of Victoria explaining it. If you saw the quilt in the Alliance booth @ Festival or QuiltCon, you know it is epic!!!!! ~ Meg Cox


This coming week, starting Dec 2nd...a quilt I made from blocks designed by attendee's of Quilters Take Manhattan 2012, will be up for auction on ebay, for the Quilt Alliance.  I designed the quilt, quilted it, and had a friend, Lina Lamora, do  the embroidery over my quilting lines. With the help off all involved, this quilt truly represents the quilting community! Be sure to bid it up and take it home!

Be sure to swing by this week to see which quilts are up for auction this week! Many great holiday gifts!!

Support small businesses this holiday season, and local organizations.


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