Sunday, July 14, 2013

room redo

Boo comes home from camp on Thursday. YAY!!!  She had been talking about wanting her room updated, so while she's been at camp, I decided to take on the challenge to surprise her. The last time we updated her room, we covered a large wall mural that I painted when it was her nursery....(SEE OLD POST ROOM REDO HERE... Pretty funny! We put the Joel Dewberry Brown on the walls, (her choice) and it has looked great for quite a while.  She had said she wanted me to take it down and paint over it.. But myself and my husband, can't get ourselves to do that. LOL!  So for starters, She loves BLUE. It's been her favorite color for quite a while now... so we picked out paint to cover the other two walls that are not mural covered...
So long blue/green/orange walls, Hello Navy blue! I love how it looks with the white trim. and a  yellow ceiling and closet!

Here's the Murals... see what I mean?  I had so much fun painting it when she was tiny... I've ordered new Riley Blake Zig Zag to hand over  the two walls...  ( I just can't paint it out!!)
Boo had decided she  didn't like her old IKEA bed a while ago, and asked us to take it out, so her mattress had been on the floor, which she was quite happy about... Made me a bit crazy, but that's my problem...LOL!  She likes to feel like she's in a nest, so when I found an upholstered day bed, I knew it was perfect for her. She wanted a room like a nice hotel room. ;-) her words, not mine... So, I scoured the internet and found a great navy/cream rug on sale that would set the whole design of the room.  I also found a new duvet in pale flying geese patterns, kind of fun and modern looking... She already had a nice Fake fur blanket I had made her a few years ago, so that helped make it look fancy!

She has said, she doesn't like to sleep under MY quilts. haha!  So I hung up the quilt I made her way back in 2008. She and I learned about Gee's bend on a JFK documentary video, As she is a huge JFK Buff!  I had not heard of the Gee's bend ladies at the time, and we quickly ordered the book. Boo asked for a quilt like theirs...So I made that quilt and hand quilted it in 2009... So, while I wait for the fabric to hang over the murals, I was thinking about what would also look nice on her wall... I decided the QUILT would look fantastic behind her bed.  The room is slowly coming together...

I'm praying the FABRIC gets here by Tuesday, so I can get it up on her walls before I have to go to NYC to get her Thursday! I also ordered her a small mirrored desk to sit next to her bed. Won't that be fun? An extra little touch to make her room more grown up and "hotel like!"... Now to get her pictures hung, and drapes hung... waiting for the drapes and a YELLOW  lamp for next to her bed, to come too, so stay tuned for part 2 of the room redo!

I ran to TJ Max yesterday, to see if they had anything fun in the home section, and I found these AWESOME metal baskets, one for LAUNDRY, and three nesting ones... Since she doesn't really have a dresser in this room, these will work well for all things that don't hang... They were on sale and very cheap, but are very sturdy baskets, so I feel like that was  giant score. That, and the great light blue sheets for $19.99 by some fancy designer...

So, tick tock, I have a few days left to get the room in shape, and go through all the STUFF I took out of her room... sigh. It's all sitting here in my living room... I'd rather be sewing then sifting through what to throw out. haha!

So, will she like it? Or will I be in the dog house?  Fingers crossed!

Hoping tuesday will have everything I need for the room finish.


  1. The quilt you're making looks like her wardrobe in blues and greens. The mirrored desk sounds perfect. Very grown up now, but the mural is still preserved just because.... I bet you score a ten!

  2. I think she will LOVE IT! And what a surprise! Are you going to tell her or just let her walk in? So much fun and making memories!

  3. Will totally surprise her.. She hates being told of a surprise then having to wait to see it... So I will let her just walk in on it. :-)

  4. Holy moly, I wish I'd had a mom like you!

  5. Yay ---this looks so cool! You will definitely score big on this one! Oh---the memories you have stirred up for me!
    I have done the Re-do thing several times for my Darlene---she's turning 18 in sept. ---2 years ago was our last Re-do, when she stated the SAME thing ---she wanted the Hotel -grown-up look! Darlene picked out a lot if what she wanted---but I surprised her one day when she came home from school--it was all put together, carpet , furniture ....
    her choices were Black, Purple, and white--lots of zebra prints, and funky accents! Anything that was fabric I sewed ---no surprise there! I too hated to see that little girl room leave--I so get the mural thing! You did such a beautiful job painting that. I would never have wanted to paint over it. I too saved many if the things I've made for Darlene's previous bedrooms! These are cherished times---that's what memories are made of! Enjoy --and keep us posted as to Boo's reaction, and room updates! I love it!

  6. I absolutely love it. And I could never paint over that mural either. Although I do understand her not wanting it since she is older now. It does kind of blast out "Five years old!" ha ha.
    I like your idea of covering it without destroying it.

  7. UH OH I think she is not going to like that you did this without her.........I hope she'll be overjoyed with the freshness of it all and love it though. Nice job, it will make a terrific guest room if she really hates it and she can sleep under the sewing table :0).

    Good luck

  8. I'm betting she will like it. She might wish she had some part of decorating but the fact that she had given you some input is what makes me think she'll like it. I love that you are preserving the mural!

  9. Fabulous job, she'll love it!

  10. My DD, who is Boo's age loves it and thinks I should do it for her.

  11. Omg...I love it! Do you make house calls because I've got this room...

  12. She will love her new room, a bit of the old and a bit more, young lady now that she wants a grown up room.
    I had a wall with a mural I painted and i did not want to paint over it, but with the wainscoting it got half covered, so it was time.


  13. Can't wait to see the final outcome. Kids are funny! My girl stopped wanting my quilts for quite a while….but she's come round at almost 17 and has one on her bed in full view again :) Boo's room looks great.

  14. She will love it.It looks like it will be her new young lady (ahem)place for her to dream and create like her mom.

  15. I'm guessing she will ADORE it! Love that blue-white rug, and if she doesn't like that mirrored desk, you can ship it to me :-).

  16. Oh how exciting for her. One year when Trading Spaces was huge on HGTV we gave our two older daughters (maybe middle school age then) redesigns of their rooms for Christmas. They had a very minimal budget and their two parents for all the work. It was a ton of work but a lot of fun.

  17. What fun - and a great surprise!! Hope Boo loves it - if not, can I move in??!!

  18. She was ready for a room makeover to fit her growing style. Awesome job. I did a boys room for a Decorator's Show House and it won top awards, I think because it appeals to everyone. Great JOB!


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