Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa's and CHATTING

Lynn P sent a very cute HOHOHO, Santa with gifts! Kathy R sent an adorable TINY Santa,s o sweet!, Sherry V, sent eh cute Red polka dots, and  Kathy W, sent BOTH her Santa's, one with Fussy Cut Santa's and reindeer,(lower left) and the red Blocks(Upper Right)

Thanks GUYS!!! They are so Fabulous!


If you still have my Little Santa, please have them to me by Thanksgiving to have him included in the quilt. Soon as Thanksgiving passes, this quilt is the top of my list to assemble!  I can't wait! THANK YOU!!


TODAY at 4pm.

Jennifer Chiaverini, Pepper Cory, Carol Jones and Bobbi Finley authors of Fresh Perspectives, and ME, on Pat's show today!

What a fun Line up! 
I have Jennifer's New Book laying here,
The Giving Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel
Shared BAGEL stories with Pepper Cory at Quilt Market,
Mastering Quilt Marking: Marking Tools and Techniques - Choosing Stencils - Matching Borders and Corners
and Also just bought Fresh Perspectives by Carol and Bobbi! Great stuff! Lovely people!
Fresh Perspectives: Reinventing 18 Classic Quilts from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Click to listen in!


  1. Have fun chatting with Pat!
    ok I am loving these Santa blocks
    its going to be a very fun quilt

  2. So glad you got mail delivery and the Santa's do rock! My my - looks like your quilt is going to be nice and big (what comes after "king"? lol). Setting alarm clock now for 4pm - I'll be tuning in!

  3. My Santa is going in the mail tomorrow! What fabulous blocks! Gonna be cute, cute, cute. Kate

  4. Oh my goodness will you be able to fit all those Santa's in one quilt? That was a fun little project and I look forward to seeing the final results, it's like a puzzle fitting all those bits together isn't it?

    Look forward to your interview with Pat, but Dear Girl I sure am glad I don't have to keep up with you :0).

    Happy Sewing

  5. Santa and reindeer are en route to you: mailed, um, sometime last week, forget what day. You should have them soon.

    So much fun to see all the blocks coming in, they are going to make a (several?) wonderful quilt(s).

  6. Listening to it while I surf blogs! Listening to Pepper Corey right now. You're not on yet. :-)

  7. You're welcome! Can't wait to see what you do with the blocks!
    Now I'm hopping over to listen to the podcast of Pat's fun!

  8. Just listened you on Pat's. Glad to hear our quilts are reaching those victims already!


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