Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilts For Sandy

Hi All,
I just wanted to pop in quickly, on this Sunday, to share with you my day last Thursday.
We distributed quilts to 100 families who had lost everything from Superstorm Sandy.  I can tell you that the quilts were so graciously rcvd and so appreciated.

These particular families were from the Far Rockaway area,(Queens) and they had been moved twice from other shelters. The pets were there with them in cages, the kids ran all around, parents were keeping an eye on their cots and what articles of belongings they had left.

It was with great respect that your quilts were handed over.

I thank you.
Acacia Network, Thanks you.
The People whose lives have been affected,
Thank you.

Please keep checking the

website for  information to send your donations.

No matter who you give too, we are all doing our part to help, in good conscious.
I support all the Quilt drives..., AQS, and my own. We are all helping in any way we can, and using all of our resources to get these items to the people. I am also helping to find local distribution places... So, please know that we are happy to whom ever you choose to give.


  1. Thanks Victoria for the additional information and for all that you do to help others! Due to my own time limitations I had to mail order store bought quilts...but they are pretty ones! The Company Store has free shipping and 15%off with promotion code PAR1112 until 12 December. Four twin size quilts are on the way to Pete Gonzalez at Acacia Network.

  2. AMAZING!!! great to that you put that INFO on there! Yes! We can take store bought or hand made.. thank you so much!!!
    Consider your self THANKED and HUGGED!!! ;-)

    It's so appreciated Jennifer!!!
    (You came in as a no-reply email, so I hope you see this thank you!!!)
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. I sent two boxes of 10 quilts each yesterday. We are having a quilt day today to work on more quilts and hope to send another couple of boxes this week. Bless you for your efforts!

  4. Putting the binding on a little quilt this afternoon that will go off to New Jersey with my friend Monica. Friends from church and the quilting group I'm in are sharing so much stuff that she may have a little room to spare in her driver's seat. ;-) Every little donation helps and continue to donate is really helpful as the need isn't just right after a disaster but weeks and months down the road.

  5. I am so glad to learn that quilts that had been sent to the Acacia Network can be put to immediate use for survivors of Sandy. I'm in the process of making a new quilt to donate... wish I could work faster!

  6. It's nice that you put a video on there showing where the quilts are actually going. So often one never knows where the quilt actually ends up. Thanks Victoria!

  7. Just sent over 50 quilts from Raleigh, NC. Thank you to the fabulous customers at Wish Upon A Quilt!


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