Saturday, October 13, 2012


Styl MOD quilt 80" x 80"
Here's a MARKET quilt finish!  This fabric line is from New Castle Studios ( using there STYL MOD line.(see the entire line at that link).  This one will be hanging at the Newcastle Booth.  ( LIKE them at Facebook

Do you all know what "Quilt Market" is?
It's the trade show for the quilt industry, not open to the public, only to people in the trade, like quilt shops, fabric companies, craft publishers etc... So this quilt will hang in Newcastle's booth to show their new lines of fabric, that will be available for shops to buy and stock.  

This time of year is often a mad rush to get product made, as many fabric companies only get their fabrics a few weeks before market.  Often fabrics rcvd in limited quantities, so then at Market, buyers place their orders, and the fabrics get ordered and printed according to what they have taken orders for.

These three prints from this line, are my favorites! I loved the flower print as it gave me a natural pattern to quilt around, which added great texture to the quilt!

As I mentioned, they get fabrics often in limited quantities, so you have to get creative in piecing fabrics together to make ends meet! I did not have enough to do a complete black flower backing, so I had to piece in some scraps to make up for it. Of course, I love that!  The same thing happened on the star, so happy accidents happen! You get a split star because that is all I had to work with! I'm actually kind of thrilled with that!

Newcastle has this Christmas line "WISHES"coming out, that I absolutely LOVE! You know I am an obsessed "Christmas quilt" maker! I'm eager to get my hands on this group! The lime green, red and aqua are right up my alley!

What else happens at Market?  

My Book releases at Market for shops to order!  Which means, I will be doing a "school house" presentation on my book, (10/26 Friday at 4:20 CTpub room 371E) A "school house" is showing new products for buyers to come and listen in, as you talk about your product. In my case, it's my book. I will be showing them quilts from the book, and chatting, and Saturday will be doing a trunk show with Simplicity at 3pm  and also at 11am, a book signing!  

So between making quilts at the last minute for fabric companies, and preparing for my book stuff, this is why it's been a bit quiet on the blog and very busy over here... But so much fun!

So what does that mean? 

You can now,
pre-order your signed copy of my book 
from my website, 

Your LOCAL QUILT SHOPS will get them in mid November!
Amazon also has them, but they will not ship until mid December...

Quilt shops get them first! 
Support your local quilt shop and/or buy a signed copy from me!
My shipping date will most likely be mid November as well...

I'm so excited!!!!!
It will be so nice to finally have this out for you guys to see.
Did I mention there are over 80 quilts in the book?
 It's an inspirational book to challenge you in creating
your own unique quilts!

Are you ready to PLAY?


  1. This has been an exciting year for you, congrats on all your successes, have a blast at market.

  2. What an exciting blog post, fabrics, book, quilts, and the top quilt is beautiful - looks like a mini? The Newcastle fabrics, especially the Christmas fabrics really whet our appetite for winter quilting.

  3. HELLO, I LIVE IN COLOMBIA, be able to buy your book?
    If anyone knows please inform me. THANKS

  4. Whew!
    You are rocking!
    Got the book ordered and I'm ready to be inspired some more by your work Victoria :0).

    Happy Sewing, I wish you continued success with all your many endeavors!

  5. Janeth, the links are listed in the post, thanks for your enthusiasm! ;-)

  6. Wa-hoo!! Such an exciting time. Love the quilt!

  7. I am so excited for you. Between your husband's book and yours, it's been quite a year for your family!! Congrats.

  8. Two authors in one family and Both in the ARTS. Yeah!!
    No wonder we don't get all the fabric no one orders it. Makes sense.
    I am playing without stressing thanks to you. I Found some leftover ducks and soon it will be a quilt for an Aussie serviceman deployed overseas.

    Have a great weekend

  9. My, you accomplish so much in such a short time! Great Work!

  10. It's a fantastic quilt! And those fabrics are just gorgeous, both lines! It's fabulous to see how far you are going. :)

  11. excited i will be there for your schoolhouse!! And I LOVE that xmas fabric.... love love love it!

  12. That Christmas fabric is fabulous! SO sorry I won't be at Market this time to see you at School House! I know your book will be a SMASH!

  13. I'm so excited about your book! We have been playing with a little improvisation (simple stuff) at our modern quilting group at guild, and it's been beyond fun. It's bee inspiring and it's making my head spin with the possibilities!

  14. Love the star quilt! I think the limited amount of fabric made this quilt better!


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