Saturday, October 13, 2012


Inspiration hits when you least expect it.
SLAM, it throws you for a loop and you have to ride it..
It's Dark
and Cold, (see my TRIPLE neck sweater?)

Dots & Florals

Things are on the move.

...and it feels good!


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Ships mid November 

oh! And also, I'm told our silly, FUN,  little clip will run tomorrow on the 
Hoda and Kathie lee show... hehe


  1. Oh Goody...about your book, that is - I just placed MY ORDER!!! Am I the first, huh, huh???? hehehe. Of course we're already planning to order for the shop...but I think I deserve my own Autographed copy!!! Thanks! And whatever you're working's looks like FUN!!! <3

  2. So this is what you do at bed time. by 10:30 I'm nackered.
    Sounds like you've jumped a roadblock Well Done Stay Warm

  3. Oh and you are cold when its warm outside! So sorry you are suffering....just a few days until the heat comes on.
    Warm thoughts and quilty hugs,
    Happy Sewing

  4. In the dark it has a sort of "eclipse" feel to to see where you go with it

  5. Where did you get those awesome huge dots!?? I love it. Stay warm and keep going.

  6. Seems that being busy and working under pressure suits your creativity! Have fun, stay warm, soon be time for the heating :) x.

  7. Hey. It's looks amazing. Love to see
    You working!!!
    can't wait to see it in person!!!

  8. That is a huge design wall! Those fabrics should help warm you up....

  9. Those big dots sure perk everything up...don't THEY?? Here's hoping your heat will kick in soon! ;)

  10. How excellent! Another reason for moving my design wall INTO my sewing room rather than in the spare room!

    Love seeing the creative process at work.

  11. Another fun looking quilt design! I love your designing wall!

  12. i saw it! i saw it! the clip on today....farrr out! and yes, i ordered the book on amazon with some other things (free shipping!)...can't wait to see it and have more fun!

  13. How did I miss the quilt thing on Today? Did you "tape" it? Link?? Nuts. Love your design wall and your use of limited fabric really makes for interesting quilts!! Book order next on my agenda.

  14. I cant believe I just saw you on KL&H! Actually I recognized the quilts first. SO cool!

  15. Don't you just love it when you can PLAY with fabric the moment inspiration pops into your head?! Lucky girl you are. I missed the clip on Hoda and Kathie Lee. :-( Trying to catch up after four days in Iowa last week. I don't think one ever really "catches up". LOL!

  16. Saw the Hoda clip, so funny! You were all looked great. Loved it!


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