Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things with Wings

At the New England Air Museum, I was strangely drawn to this WWII quilt....
I wonder why?

I went up to my pal, Michele's place yesterday, and then scooted over to meet Marie at Jackie's "Things with Wings Show" that she put on at the NEAM~ Clever!!!

Marie Bostwick, Michele Muska, Me, and Jackie Kunkel
The show looked great, Jackie! Well done!  And can I just say... If you know nothing about airplanes, like I do, then you should always bring along a novelist who researches these things and writes books like, On Wings of the Morning... I had a real history lesson on women in aviation!

Sue Reich also has a display of World War II Quilts there. Really great eye candy!  So if you are in the CT area Saturday or Sunday, be sure to swing by as Sue and Marie will be talking, and it will be FABULOUS! Don't miss it! click for info here.
I don't want to show off the whole show... But I found this NYC quilt, which was very clever and nicely done.

 And this lovely batik squares! Great color!

 And, Hello! 7,000 pieces in this hand pieced hexagon quilt....  gasp!

Pop over... Grab Jackie, say hi... Test Marie on her Airplane knowledge and wasps. (Women Airforce Service pilots)... Drool over Sue's collection of WWII quilts... it's worth the trip.. Bring the guys, and the kids...It's really a neat place!

And...See if you can spot my quilts! 
This is the one that took a USPS detour and showed up 5 days later than the three priority should be... He must have flown off course... thankfully he turned up...and landed safely at Jackie's...

CT was beautiful... The leaves were already falling and starting to change...
Does it feel like fall where you are?  (obviously not for you AU peeps!)

 Have you been following along with Michele's FALL BLOCK PARTY? SUPER DEALS! hop over and see what fabulous block is up today! I think we are at Rochelle'sblog today! Go see!


  1. Love your bird quilt. Each quilt I see of yours is different from the previous. Yes, coming into summer here in Aus!

  2. It was soooo good to see you, Michele, and Marie! I was tickled that you made it to the show! Thanks for participating in it too. And you do know how happy I am that Pierre finally flew to his destination. I think that he was looking at the foliage changing!

  3. Love the bird quilt and the story it tells.

  4. Great quilts, and great idea to connect them with women flyers. We can do anything, right?

  5. I read Marie Bostwick's book 'On the Wings of Morning' and absolutely loved it, and fell in love with her writing. I have since read all of her books, and can't wait for the next one to hit the bookstores!

  6. What a fun place to visit and I do like that V quilt.
    I also love your bird, glad he found his way home, he is a beautiful piece.


  7. Seems your quilt also loves flying. It's a beautiful one. The exhibition looks great!


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