Saturday, September 8, 2012

Play Santa?

Do you know how when you walk into the quilt shop, and you are browsing casually, you start to pick things up, and by the time you get to the check out, you have ideas swimming in our head...(and a huge pile of fabric in your arms?)

Then you get home, look at it, and wonder, "What was I thinking?"

Well, this summer, I came home with a quarter yard of both colors of this sweet little Santa. Each quarter yard has about 27 Santas!  What am I going to do with that many Santa's?

Want to help me out with them?  I'll share!

If you would like, I will send you a Cream Santa and a Green Santa, You can pick which one you like to KEEP,  and with the other, make me a block, sign it and send it back to me.

What do you think?

You can use any design of quilt block just use one of the Santa's somewhere in the quilt block. 
You can use made fabric, or Not, Makes no difference to me...
Any size Block. 
Just keep it Christmas-y... 
(I don't care about eh red dotty border, it's pretty thin around the Santas... 
deal with that however you like...)

If you'd like to play along, email me your name, mailing address, and email address...

I'd like the blocks back just before Thanksgiving if possible.

I'd love to see what you will make, with this little jolly fellow!

ALL 27 are Spoken for!
Unless you find you have some cute Santa and you'd like to send a SANTA block along... I'd be grateful!  But I am out of Santas to send.




  1. I would love to make a Santa block or two...I already have an idea!

  2. Oh you KNOW I'm IN! And don't try to fool us Miss V! I bet you stood in that quilt shop and said to yourself - I'll get my friends to come up with an idea for these Santa cuties! LOL

  3. Obrigada é claro que eu quero e faço um bloco para devolver.Amo Natal.

  4. I like playing games and I really like making blocks!
    Martha Mumaw
    7034 Excelsior Road
    baxter,mn 56425-8482

  5. Cute idea! I'd love to play along, i'm emailing you now :)

  6. I'll play. I think I have an idea but you never know where it will go.

  7. I would love to help. I tried to get your email from your profile but it said I had to open an account. My email is crazyquiltpatcher at Yahoo dot com (no spaces of course and the dot needs to be replaced). This sounds like a fun project.

  8. Happy to play...sent e-mail. Fun, fun,fun.

  9. if there is a pair left, I would love to play.

    email sent

  10. I'm a newbie, but I would love the opportunity to play, too! I have been amassing Christmas fabrics like a Fabric Fiend.

  11. I'd love to play with this cute little fellow!

  12. Victoria send me a set, I would love to participate. What fun!!! See messages for my address.......Jeanne

  13. done. All 27 are spoken for...

    If I happen upon any other Fun pieces, I can have a back up list.. Will post again.

  14. Oh, I missed this!! They are so cute and would have loved to have participated but it will be fun to see what the blocks look like when you finish this project!

  15. Well darn it! I missed this yesterday, I was on grandbaby duty...maybe I will send a block anyways!

  16. Gee ... I missed it, too ... & don't have any Santas (cute or otherwise) so put me on your backup list.

  17. Mail carrier just delivered an envelope, from VFW, with tons of fun inside it. This makes me smile =)

  18. So....any size block you say...does the block have to be square? As in..can it be rectangular-ish?

  19. Oops...never mind the previous question - if I would have looked at your later post of some of the blocks you've gotten back....I would have had my answer...I I do. ;)


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