Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ok, this one is OLD!

That is when this top was made... I had made the top and given it to someone special, and never got around to quilting it... I asked him a few months ago to send it to me, so I could finish it.  This quilt has a long story... I may save you that part, but let's just say this is from my Duluth, MN days... Where I thought I'd be living the rest of my life, before I ran off to NYC to find myself.   At the time, I always thought I'd move to Arizona, to get to the HEAT, and I ended up moving to Duluth, (Northern Minnesota) ( colder!)

Anyway... The top was made at a time, when I knew very little other then to WING IT.  Not soooo different from the way I work now, (now at least, I can get a top to lay flat! ) This top was a mess! I had thought about taking it a part to fix the issues, but decided against it.  I'm quite proud of the FLUBS in this top. It shows how I have always worked; I just start sewing and things make their way into a random design.

I pin basted it and thought  I'd just do some fan quilting, all over it... But as soon as I sat down, I
just started, well.... WINGING IT.  I started with random feathers, (no drawing, just free motion, making it up as I went along)  I worked in silence, and thought about the day I made this quilt... What it meant to me at the time, what my process was, and I slipped into the "free thinking mind set"that I was in when I made it.
...A little of this, and a little of that...
...A bit here, a little of this there...

Surprisingly, as wonky this top was, the whole thing just fell into place. It's funny what you can quilt out! I put one small pleat in, near the arrows, the rest just fell into place.    When I trimmed it to bind, I left it the crazy shape that it was... I figure it's best to embrace the mistakes of the past, to see how far I've come.

* I painted the Kokopelli on the fabric with diluted acrylics, way back when.. it was still in good shape!

"Kokopelli Revisited" 
60" X 96"

...Finally finished after 19 years.

I'm heading to MN on Saturday for 10 days.  I will be visiting Duluth briefly, to hand this quilt to it's rightful owner.

Mother wanted to make some bags to take back home for her sisters and my niece. So I whipped up a little drawstring type bag, and taught her how to make them.  Then Boo decided she needed one for the FREE fabric show got in Columbus. Yes, Free! take a kid with you to a quilt show, they get tons of free stuff!  LOL!  She picked out the dog fabric, so it became her bag.

We're all a but dog crazy in this house!

I'll be traveling for the next month starting Saturday. So my posting may be really irregular... I promise to come back. ;-)
Minnesota, Omaha, Lincoln, Nebraska, Cleveland, Ohio, Bangor, Maine and St. Andrew's-By-the-Sea New Brunswick, Canada... With a quick stop in Calais, Maine for some fabric shopping, I hear it's good there! ( thanks for the tip Riel!)

Will I be in your neck of the woods?


  1. Yes ...my neck of the woods!! Just let me know when you know when!!
    Another great oldie finish!! Labeled? Right?

  2. V, I'll be in transit from California to my soon to be home in North Carolina. I'll be in Nebraska on 7/27...when will you be there?

  3. Lovely feathers. How do you set up your machine to support your quilt? I'm good at the free motion feathers, but I'm finding the drag on a big quilt to be too much.
    Sounds like a busy summer -- St. Andrews, NB is lovely. Are we connecting in Minnesota, or another time?

  4. Love your kokopelli, the feathers and fans!

  5. Well now didn't that come out just perfectly? Well done!
    Your travel schedule is making me dizzy! Have fun out there and be safe.

    Hugs and Happy Sewing

  6. That quilt is a fantastic finish!! I am sure that your friend will be overjoyed at the final product (and amazed at its beauty!) Your quilting so perfectly suits your quilt style. Duluth, and the North Shore, was my 'haunt' for my growing up years' summer vacations. Living in the Twin Cities, everyone heads North for their summer breaks! Enjoy! and will watch for your road journaling! Hugs, Doreen

  7. Love the Kokopelli and its story. Have a safe trip and an especially good time in my home state,Maine, though nowhere near me. I'll bet you'll be doing some shopping in a place called Mardens in Calais.Great prices!

  8. What a great finish for Kokopelli! So great to tidy up the loose ends of life...This trip sounds like it will be most meaningful. Enjoy every mile!

  9. The quilt turned out wonderful. I am sure the owner will be thrilled. I have a quilt older than that one which still needs the quilting finished. One of these days!
    You will be close to my neck of the woods when you get to Cleveland. I now live about 45 minutes south of Cleveland. Have a fun trip!

  10. Love your quilt and have fun in your trip!!

  11. Have fun on your trip! Even though it's a dated top, it still came out great! I'm glad you had a chance to finish it!

    Isn't it funny how life changes our paths? We plan and God laughs and sends you in another direction. LOL!

  12. Love the feather quilting! Nice to have a finish after so many years, eh?

    When will you be in St. Andrews? I'm headed to New Brunswick next week to attend my high school reunion (gulp!).

  13. lovely quilt...your quilting amazes me. I can not do those feathers to save my life! I guess I need to practice, practice, practice.

  14. What an awesome story this quilt has. smooches!

  15. Great quilt. One of my favorite of yours!

  16. Love how your quilting. The quilt is beautiful.

    I need to make some of those bags. They would come in handy.

    I wish you were going to be in my neck of the woods.

    Have a wonderful time and safe traveling. Hugs

  17. So enjoyable to revisit a quilt made in another time. I always have so many memories. I'm sure you did too. The finish is a credit to your skills then and now!
    Thankyou for another journey.

  18. When are you going to be in Nebraska?

  19. I am again amazed at your ability to wing it and end up with something so special. I know this quilt's owner will treasure this - great job!! And no, not in my neck of the woods :(.

  20. Wow! The Kokopelli quilt came out fantastic! Doesn't it feel great to finish something like that?

  21. I am catching up on your blog. I am so behind. I love this quilt! It is awesome! If there is any wonkiness it doesn't show. Congratulations! I'm a little dog crazy, too, by the way!

  22. What did you do in Bangor, Maine? I did most of my growing up in Maine, and lived in and around Bangor for most of that time.


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