Sunday, May 6, 2012

All over the place.

I have been distracted by many projects this week, that I felt I didn't have many words for the blog! I did get a load of random things done though, like basting quilts, cutting backings, working on the bindings of two King size quilts... Putzy Putzy!

 I was also trying to get the quilting done on this huge Cherrywood quilt, and later I was running off to meet pals for lunch to save my sanity!
Photo by Teri Lucas, of Melly and I.
Fabric shopping and lunch with Teri Lucas, Melanie Testa.  
Getting out from behind the sewing machine, is so good for the soul!

I also, started working on a new "WATER" quilt this week, using all solids. 
(Like I really needed another project!)
This is only a small portion of the quilt... more on that later...
By the time we got out of the city Friday and headed for
 our house on long Island, I was a bit fried.
 I decided to  work on all things not quilt related this weekend.

Like, getting my baby out of the garage to charge the battery....

Getting more of my garden planted, and weeded...

Walking barefoot in the grass and finding shadows with my camera... 

Getting out the grill and trying out a few new recipes...

and spying on Robin's nests...

My weekend has been as scattered as my week! But Boy! Does it feel good!

Summer is nearly at my finger tips.  I can almost reach it... One more month of school and 
we will be here at our house for the summer. I am ready!

Being scattered isn't all that bad... It means I am scrambling to finish stuff, which means
more time to put my feet up
 and enjoy my other passions, like cooking, and gardening...

What was the best part of your weekend that didn't include quilting?


  1. I would never want to leave the house! What a lovely place.

  2. I agree being scattered sometimes isn't bad at all! Glad you rolled your baby out of the garage. Did you get a chance to go for a ride?

  3. I was scrolling through your photos and at first thought the robins egg photos somehow went with your grilling plans...glad I was confused about that! I almost never sew on weekends as hubby likes to be out & about. Drove down to Atanta and nosed around yesterday.

  4. I am starting a rainbow quilt, Volume in Scraps by Emily Cier for my son who's always wanted a rainbow quilt. Not quilting related, my son made his confirmation today!

  5. Did you manage to get out for a ride?? I've been trying here (S.E.MN) for weeks. Rain/cold has really done a 'number' on my ridin' hours!! What kind of bike is that?? I have a '96 Heritage Softail Classic and love it the most of all the bikes I've owned. Your pictures are so nice. Springtime blessings to you! Doreen

  6. Love your bike! My dh rides, I don't.

    Tell me you wear a helmet when you ride out on the road.

    : )

  7. of course I wear my helmet!
    besides it's the law...

    I don't actually have to wear it,
    to take my motorcycle out my garage, to let it warm up though. ;-)

    It's on my ground... by my daughter, who took the pic.

  8. Wow, when I'm scattered I don't achieve much at all, you, on the other hand, have got heaps done!! Lovely to get out with friends too. xo

  9. Vrooom, vrooommmmm! I took a ride on a motorcycle just once when I was about 16. Lovely memory but have never ridden one since. Love to see the motorcycles as they come through Henderson. They travel the Scenic ByWay from Chaska/Carver area and south along the river. Love the sound of them and seeing all the different bikes. Best part of the weekend was grandson Jacob's birthday party. Simple gathering at Pizza Ranch but very enjoyable time with family. :-) Then we shopped for patio furniture. Ready for summer!

  10. Oh man I am missing my bike! Yours looks so hot and so do you in your riding gear.

    You have been busy!

    any of your seeds coming up?

    Happy Sewing

  11. Oh, how I miss having a bike!!! I spent all day either curled up on my bed with a book or sitting on the porch in the sun with a book. The rest of the weekend was super busy, but today was blissfully quiet.

  12. The biggest treat of the weekend was cutting into an avocado that was actually perfect and ready to eat. Small things make me so happy.

  13. I was feeling blue; my job made desperate pleas for people to fill some empty slots, and I volunteered; worked a 2-hour shift and it went really well and cheered me up immensely. Hooray!

  14. WEEDING! I love to play in the dirt on nice days! Ripping out vines, turning dirt, planting flowers and mulching! LOVE it! More today! You bike looks great! Summer is coming!

  15. Lovely weekend-in-review, best part of mine? That's easy - hubby's men's quartet concert was last night, a benefit for a foundation to bridge people from homeless to self-sufficient. Whole family filled a pew, cheering on Scott and the guys, just a wonderful night. Have a great week!

  16. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP and More SLEEP, although i popped into CQuilter on Saturday to sign up for Dear Jane and had brunch etc. it was a very sleepy day. I slept the late afternoon on Saturday. Slept in for once on Sunday, and slept Sunday afternoon again. I planned to sew, but it didnt happen, the zzzz's took over. smiles

  17. We had a new baby calf born Sunday morning, and I got to sleep in for a change. And THAT is pretty exciting for me!


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