Monday, February 27, 2012

Other stuff

I don't think I ever posted the QUICK HEARTS quilt I made for my Mother.  I decided at the last minute, (four days before I left for MN) that, If you are having heart surgery, On Valentine's Day, then you must have a HEART quilt to recover under while in the hospital... I made this in four days. It was quick, fun, special and very snugly! ( and all the nurses wanted it...LOL! ) So did my Mother... She loves it. ;-)

Here's another flimsy together...  I drew & embroidered CHINA and SCOTLAND, and then had the iron on transfers for MN and NY... I know I mentioned this before, but here's the info again. I feel you can never give enough credit to someone, and she was so helpful! I bartered with Siobhan, some embroidery work for some BAKERY word blocks... waaaay back when... (JUNE 2009 old post here)
And that was quite a long time ago... Since I have had all the blocks, I kept loosing them, finding them, loosing them again, so once I found them this last time,  I figured it was high time to put it together... Besides, Boo was hounding me to get it done... Now.... How long for me to get it quilted??

hmmm, That could be another while!


To all you sweet people who have said you'd donate to my new project. Please know I appreciate your generosity, but the building has to be built first. We are a year and half out, and only in the blue print phase...  ;-)  I'm excited by your excitement, and I will keep you posted.

Above is a mural of the woman who started La Casita in the south Bronx. This is also the location of the new facility. I will keep you updated as we go along.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Beautiful! Hope your mom is recovering easily!

  2. Get well to your Mum, that quilt is beautiful. I can see why all the nurses wanted it.

  3. The heart quilt is so cheerful! Perfect for recovering from heart surgery. Glad your mom is doing well. How exciting to plan for a building!! Awesome!!

  4. Love the hearts quilted in the yellow. A very cheerful quilt perfect for recovery. Good luck with your building project. May it go smoothly and be a great success when done.


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