Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After cleaning up my stash bins..... I'm left with one lonely bin to take to the house...
(with my one lonely pincushion, Eileen!)


No Seriously, I had to unplug it and pack it away so I would stop playing and start cleaning...

Andrea from the little collection stopped by today for tea (thank you for the tea by the way!) yum! , and we swapped stories about sewing, and I've taken one of her stories and hope to make it my reality...

She says, her grandmother, makes a few quilts, then stops, and makes quilts to use up all the scraps before she then begins again... Did I get that right Andrea?

Umm, note to self...
Why does that seem so easy to grasp but impossible to do????


But Before I unplugged, yesterday I got some bakery words done for Siobhan! of scraps and threadtales...
Cupcake, and Maple Scone. I was going for homemade Vermont sign look on Maple scone, not sure if that works or not...

I got my African textile quilt off the design wall but the others will have to wait till Fall. I'll be thinking about them all summer!

How often do you really clean your work space????


  1. Not so often how it needs! :-)

  2. I wonder how Andrea's grandma got her scraps to come out even? And the quilts wouldn't be that scrappy, if it's just fabric from a few quilts. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.
    I like that b&W on your design wall.
    Right now it looks like a house with a candy tile roof!

  3. I don't clean my sewing room very often. Usually when I can't find what I am looking for and have to put away the piles to find out what is underneath. Sewing is messy!

  4. Wow, you got alot done! It almost makes me want to clean my workspace, almost. I think I'll go sew instead. I have a little something I'm working on. Happy sewing!

  5. with all the fabric cutting going on in here it does get dusty way too much!
    I should clean it more than I do!
    your just taking one bin with you for the whole summer
    well if you need anything just let me know and I will send you a care package!

  6. Awesome letters!

    I only give the sewing room a thorough cleaning after I have finished a project. Never, in the middle of one, although I do like to keep it tidy.

  7. Every summer my family moved to a cabin 2 hours from home. Besides packing for 2 girls, Mom would decide what projects to take. Its hard to plan ahead.

    I'm curious, the large portrait? What's the story? Looks like a Chuck Close.

  8. haha - at first I thought you had named the pincushion 'Eileen' then I slapped myself upside the head for being so silly.

    My sewing room is sorely in need of a big clean out. Every time I get rid of something, I replace it with double the amount of stuff. All good stuff, though! ☺

  9. I like the way you've done cupcake. Dust bunnies? They're breeding like rabbits here LOL.

  10. I know how much I need to clean my sewing room by how "less black" my Scottie dog is when he walks out of mine. I was so embarrassed the other day when I went to the door for the mailman and this very active dust monster with a long selvage strip wrapped around its tail followed me to the door....

  11. Well. I actually cleaned one half of my one table today. It made me sneeze too.. ha-ha-ha.
    You won't need more than one pin cushion. :-) But I'm betting yer gonna get tired of just quilting.. and will want to do some piecing. But this will be good for you to get them done. If you have some rainy days that is! Binding is fun too.

  12. how often do I clean my work area? ha ha ha ha ha. Great job on the words for Sio. Those are awesome curves in cupcake - congrats on those.


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