Friday, January 27, 2012

A journey

How this quilt grew. (Then fell apart, then grew!)

A quilt journey.

Gathered blocks from the New'Bee Quilt bee.... 
took out new star blocks
(I really want them to be there own quilt!)

 Played (wrestled) around with options...  played (wrestled) around with more options

 Had a whole top together and hated it... wrestle wrestle....

 got out my 12.5 template and armed with a rotary cutter
(ah ha! Down you beast!)
I cut it back to bits...

 Daughter put in her two cents...
thank you darling! ( I'll save that for something else)

 I wrestled it to the ground...

Finished cutting up all the navy/green from it's carcus....

TINY DANCER         61" X 74"
Salvaged various size navy green triangles.... 

I snuck up behind it,
and blasted it with my FAVORITE 
Tomato Red with little gold crosses Terrie Mangat crosses fabric
for the border....
Smooshed the blocks back together, 
has just enough navy green here and there to make it sparkle.

twinkle twinkle.

Going for navy and green with pink on the back...

Now I'm doing the Happy Dance...


  1. WOW! You nailed it! What a difference the red made! Now go to bed-it's late in NYC 'cause it's dinner time in Hawaii!

  2. WOW! I'm a newbie to your blog, and today's post left me speechless! What a wonderful transformation - and BOLD! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love seeing your processes V, thanks for sharing your happy dance with us! xo

  4. Wow, love the final version, I was watching you work through this one and I have to say it's amazing! Love the liberated 1/2 sq's, really looks fab and of course the red is the final touch! Great job, V.

  5. I was really liking the turquoise/gold sashing(?) but holy cow! The red and little navy/green triangles really made this quilt. What was your time line on this transformation? A day? A week? It was fun seeing the transformation. Thanks.

  6. It's amazing what that red does. Thank you for taking us on your journey -- it really shows how worthwhile it is to keep wrestling with our quilts until they really sing!

  7. Always love the journey story. It is amazing how you work thru till you are satisfied. Perfectimento!

  8. That red really helps it make a statement -- not that those bold blocks needed any help. :o) The tomato just really frames it perfectly.

  9. You hit the jackpot! I love seeing how folks think while they put their quilts together.

  10. Fan TAS tic! You saved hours of work from becoming predictable and "sweet" and turned into a dance of joy and abandon!

  11. Great evolution of a quilt!! So glad that you had more of the red. It really makes the quilt sing! Great finish!

  12. and a happy dance you will have. It is amazing and the red sets of the blocks beautifully. I love that the triangles are willy nilly, and sort of fall off on the bottom right. I love your colors - all so happy!

  13. Kapow! A winner! You've proven the theory--When in doubt, add red.

  14. You are fearless! It is so inspiring to see your process. Cutting a top apart is something I would not have done before. It would have just gone into the never-to-be-seen-again drawer. Never again. Thanks

  15. Thanks for showing the steps from nice and fun to WOW, a fabulous quilt.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'hacking'...I'm scrambling for tops that I hate as we speak! OH and saw you on 100 days of Modern Quilting today! LOVE that quilt! Keep on hacking!

  17. Sometimes you just gotta hack and chop to get to the perfect solution. Love that red sawtooth border!

  18. Whew! Those first attempts were nice, but soooo not Victoria! What a relief to see your signature sparkle in the final piece!

    Thanks for sharing this journey; I am always intrigued with and inspired by the process behind the design...

  19. I do believe those blocks are dancing! Very fun quilting journey!

  20. How neat that quilt turned out! Red calls out to me!

  21. Funny isn't it, it turned out so awesome, so you, but it wouldn't have gotten there without all those in-between steps/wrestles...those choped off bits of the ikat look like the triangles that ended up in the groovy sawtooth border. thanks for sharing.

  22. AWESOME quilt! Love seeing the process.

  23. So neat to hear about your process, and the result? Fantastic!

  24. Very worth a happy dance! Wow! I'm glad you kept going . . . the end result is FABULOUS!


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