Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finishes & Starts

I'm cutting binding! yippeee! I love a good finish!  Time to sit and watch all my shows in the evening on TIVO and bind my quilts... JUSTIFIED is back on tonight... WAHOO!  Love that show....Mentalist...  Like that one too...  I will get this binding sewn on, so I can finish it by hand... fabulous!

I've had a bunch of projects to finish for Feb 1st, AND I have Jury duty next week,(GOTTA HAVE HAND WORK!) so I am cruising to get things done...  I will be heading to Minnesota, mid February for my Mother's heart surgery, (on Valentine's day! I hope that is a good sign!) and will most likely be offline... So... Maybe a few posts from my iphone... and the weekly COLORFUL INTERVIEWS.

Are you in MN, in the MSP area?  Say hi, maybe we can have coffee if I get a break...   I do plan on seeing a few friends in Minneapolis.  I'm preparing a lot of hand work to take along with me!

I started a new project.  TRIANGLES GALORE tutorial ...I put the tutorial up on 15minutesplay if any of you fabulous peeps want to join me... I'm not rushing them. I'm taking my sweet time and making two blocks a week.  Join in and you can add your photos to the 15 MINUTES PLAY FLICKR group.
I'm soooo loving how they are turning out. I think I may make 12 of these blocks, then add onto it ...and give tutorials along the way...   You'll have to be patient with me, as you all know I don't plan anything in advance..I'd change it 50 times, before I ever made my decision on what and how it will all live together...
I guess that makes it sort of a mystery quilt... Or more, "Victoria's regular approach to quilt making!"

You may recall, It's the block I used for the OPERATION UNIFORM BLOCK...I had fun figuring it out, so thought it was time to PLAY with it a bit more... and GO BIG AND BRIGHT!

Anyway... If you like, or not, whatever works for you!
I'm good with that!

While Pat was here, we were on a mission to find SOFT fabric to make some infinity scarves...
I made mine up last night, and am wearing it today...  
Quick easy and well, my neck is warm, so Mission Accomplished!

happy quilting!


  1. You go girl! Love the stars, especially on point. Hopefully your jury duty will have an ending like mine. You know I will be thinking of you and your mom... hugs! Have fun binding!

  2. My heart goes pitter patter for Pom Pom fringe. :o)

  3. yeah infinity scarves...i made a bunch for holidays...i like the pom poms though..smiles...and prayers are with you for mom...and triangles...yikes ...something else to make...smiles...smooches...and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. It is nice to get things done and start new ones in the new year. Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. LOVE those colors!! Your blocks are great. And the pom poms on the scarf are fabulous. hehehe. too cute.

  6. Congratulations on your finish! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Best wishes to you and your mom on the surgery and recovery. Sounds like a great handwork opportunity!

  7. as soon as I get home on Sunday I'm making the orange one.. the pompom are darn perfect for it.. a few shades darker!

  8. I just love starts and finishes but also in betweens. It's all good, really. Good to be with your mom for her surgery....good for you both!

  9. I'm in on this one. I've already made my template, and I've got some made fabric just waiting to be put in something! I LOVE these blocks! OK, I'm off to get started . . .

  10. Hi Victoria--love the new website look! Nicely organized and easy to read.

  11. Love all the triangle blocks and the pom poms on your scarf.

  12. Love those triangle blocks... am adding to the ever-expanding "gotta make some" list. Hope all goes well with your mom.

  13. I really like that Triangles Galore block. I see them in a project. Now I need time. I made several Infinity scarves for gifts this Christmas and two more this past week. If you have time while in the Twin Cities, check out SR Harris Fabric Outlet in Brooklyn Park. A friend who does theatre and dance costumes goes there regularly. You will find lots of stuff for Infinity scarves. :-)


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