Friday, November 25, 2011

Seattle and a winner!

 Happy day after Thanksgiving!  How many of you are out Black Friday shopping?  I arrived Monday to Seattle to spend a few days sewing with LeeAnn and Sally and friends.  (more pics to come, I left my USB cord at home...) before my family and I all got together for our get together.  LeeAnn, Sally and I drove straight from the airport to goodwill and came out shortly after with our armloads of goodies to sew...  I didn't being anything along with me to sew so I purchased enough for a nice big quilt...   hehe! We had a blast! if you are on Facebook, you may have seen my postings... top done! wahoo! Thanks LeeAnn for everything!  I had a blast!  hugs!
Now we are out and about with Steps on and grand daughter...  And all their little rats!  see the sneaky hand plopping one down on me... Meet Marshmallow...  They are very sweet, I have to say... much more friendly then our guinea pig that we had... Any way... we're off to the Seattle Macy's Thanksgiving parade....  and more family fun!  I actually see the SUN for the first time all week!  we better get outside and enjoy it!  

The Winner of the Baby go is:
 HILDA!  Congrats!!!  
Please send me your name and address!!!!



  1. Looks like a fun time. I was playing with stripes this week too. Vic, is your last announcement correct, distributing 70 quilts. It that all you got this round? Just curious. Enjoy this west coast sunshine today, nothing but blue skies north of Seattle.

  2. No we rcvd over 300 quilts, we distribute by building units... So, aprox. 70 quilts will get handed out for this one building... on the first... Another unit with get another load. :-)

  3. What fun! Sounds like a great time is being had by all...another thankful worthy day.

    Hilda - you Go, girl!

  4. That picture of you with Sally just put a big smile on my face! I am so thrilled you had a great time. Just saw the top you made too, beautiful!

  5. I saw the quilts on LeeAnn blog...wonderful both...and what fun!
    Happy Thankgiving!

  6. I just totally love the hilarious V&r photo with the hovering small hand...classic...

  7. LOVE the rat!!! They are so unappreciated as pets. So sociable, cuddly and cute. Unfortunately, I lost my little Deidre last month. She loved to sit on all my hand sewing projects and keep me company.
    Great work you've done with all the donated quilts.


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