Friday, October 14, 2011


 Silk.... I was thinking about old crazy quilts that are made with all those scraps, and wondered why on earth someone would have had that many scraps of silk around to make those beautiful quilts way back in the days.... It's such a luxurious fabric to work with... My stash of silk is not very big, But what I have, I treasure! It's hard to cut into...  Although I have, of course!

I still need to finish my 2011 Kitchen Sink quilt with silks... It hangs her patiently. Waiting.  And I can start to see I need to finish it up soon... I'm feeling it again.

 I've seen many silk quilts done from ties and cigar ribbons etc, which seems much more realistic for quilts to have been made from.  So, I've started collecting ties, waiting for the day I can cut them all a part... Putz-y, but so much fun to work with! Crazy patterns and colors! Most are just so ugly they can only can look great in a quilt!

I read in one of my books that there were companies that actually sold SILK scraps. In 1879 the trend of buying Artistic scraps started appearing in Ladies magazines inspired by JAPANESE quilts called ''Crazies.''  I think it's interesting that The Japanese are still setting trends in quilts and fabrics...
It said that often the lace trims, silk packages for purchase often came from Casket companies, seamstress or milliners.   And In 1899 you could buy for 25 cents a ''MAMMOTH package of over 100 silk remnants some over 30 inches square'', plus a pattern and embroidery stitches...  !!

It's such a great idea, I think they should still do that!

I had a call from a local interior design company who wondered if they could drop by some Fabric swatches that they had accumulated... later I found out, that they had 20 boxes....!!!!

I politely declined... Although that would have been insanely fun to dig through, it would have certainly put me over the edge into ''obscene fabric collector'' ha! Can you imagine? I thought they meant like a bag or two... not 20 boxes!

Boo's team had their third soccer game last night.  The girls who have just enough players with no subs, had, had a rough start the first couple games, losing 4-1, 5-1...But last night, the team really played their strengths, and they held their own! NO ONE scored! The game ended 0-0... They were so happy! My little goalie did great! They celebrated by eating mini cupcakes!  Way to go Owls! ;-)


  1. silks are gorgeous and I so want to use the ones I've collected, but I don't want to iron anything onto them (to prevent fraying) so I haven't worked up the nerve to use them yet. did you wash your silk first? or maybe they only do that when making clothes... did you add any interfacing or anything like that? those ties are wonderful!!!!

  2. I have a couple old silk blouses, and some lightweight silk that I cut out to sew a blouse in 1992 that are in my "to do" pile (for some day when I'm feeling brave). Perhaps some ties would seal the deal.

  3. Was given a friend's entire tie collection which I could not refuse! I am hoping to concoct a quilt with an old silk paisley dress I bought in l957 and maybe a piece of my silk organza wedding gown circa 1959. Hope the fabrics don't disintegrate in the process. Want to learn how to handle these.....????

  4. You know my feelings about silks and if you need any help adding more to your stash... you know I will be the first to assist. Using the ties will make a very fun quilt too. I have seen many done that way. You have much willpower to decline 20 boxes of fabric! Congrats to Boo for having a great time!

  5. I have often fantasized about finding a modern milliner (i.e., wedding party seamstress) who would have tons of bright satin-y scraps. When I went to Africa I visited a tailor's and (apart from ordering a skirt and top) collected up her scraps so I could make some African patchwork.

  6. Ohh, your tie collection is gorgeous. You'll have to examine Buffy's tie quilt when you're here. Beatrice is goaly! Go girl!

  7. In the old days there weren't so many kind of fabrics. They hadn't invented rayon or polyester or any of the other man made fabs. Silk, cotton and wool were the only kinds. There were lots of ladies that had silk dresses and brocade satin for courting. There were rich people even then, and they had dress makers, because there weren't industrial clothing companies yet... Imagine a world without jeans! Sometimes the dressmaker took the scraps as part of her payment and made a quilt to sell. A crazy quilt was made from your very best and prettiest pieces and then embroidered - a masterpiece quilt. That's why there are so many of them left from the old days. They were kindly used, if used at all. (Can you tell I've been reading QN for over 3 decades?)

    Love the pictures of you Owls!


  8. I too have a collection of silk ties and shirts, all washed and flat and ready to cut, but they have been waiting around in my studio for years for me to make even one silk quilt. Oh well, they will stand a few more years of waiting.
    How are Boo's teeth doing?

  9. What fun, I have begun working on a quilt using silk ties that belonged to my father, my uncles, a nephew, along with clothing of mine and my sister. The most difficult part was actully cuting the silk clothing apart. Can't wait to see more of yours. How exciting.
    And good for Boo! Go Owls

  10. Awwwwwww...I love soccer season. My kids are almost grown now but the fall air and the kids tussling...gotta love it. I had a boyfriend back in the day that made a crazy quilt from ties, silk bits and velvet...he even stuck some old lace in between the was gorgeous. He did it to honor his grandmother and have some 'quiet time'...beautiful.

  11. Victoria,

    Those ties are so gorgeous! Check this out. I love what she has done.
    Miss those soccer days for sure! Have a great weekend!

  12. Go thr Girls. cut up oranges are the food of soccor players here. Cupcakes sound better.

    Accumulating silk scraps is an adventure. My best was the costume maker for ballroom dancers. a whole suitcase full. It now resides in a space bag. Someday
    Enjoy the hunt and process.

  13. Way to go OWLS!

    One day I need to show you the quilt made by my grandmother and her Aunt. They were dressmakers in New Orleans at the turn of the century and made a crazy quilt from silk and organza and taffeta scraps of ballgowns from the Rex and Comus Krewe socialites.



  14. I've been collecting ties for ages too after being inspired by a Japanese Victorian quilt in an old "Quilts Japan" issue. Have not made it yet because am somewhat uninspired by the rather dull palette. Except for a brief period in the 60's (I have photographic proof of my Dad thanks to an artist mother) men wear way too much navy for my liking... You have found some gems! Congrats to Boo. All of life's endeavors should be rewarded with mini cupcakes!

  15. I've been collecting ties for about a year now. However, I'm not sure I'd ever like anything made out of them. Talk about ugly. Obviously men are hoarding the good ones and casting off the trash.

  16. I have a collection of ties and tie scraps (and dupioni silk) too. Have made pillows and wall hangings out of them but not anything big enough to sleep under yet. I LOVE that tie on the right side of your last tie picture!


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