Tuesday, September 27, 2011

seeing trees!

My new baby...  Another TREE quilt!
The hand quilting is amazing! double row stitching on the entire pattern, as is my older one 
That I bought a couple years ago...(below)  I so wish I had the patience to finish the two
I have in various stages of hand quilting...  I love the colors of both of these... 
Have you made a tree quilt?
Dear Friend Pat is having a SULLIVANS RULER BLOG HOP! 
and giving away awesome rulers!  Hop over to her blog,
and also to the links to the other bloggers for chances to win ruler.. I'll be posting 
tomorrow so be sure to stop back!

TODAY you should visit:

for a chance to win! 

Sleeping beauties... 


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and have always admired them, but never tried one.


  2. The quilt is lovely... As are the sleeping beauties!

  3. Awesome quilts! & love those little darlings!

    TTFN ~
    Have a great week ~

  4. LOL. My dogs love to lay on the beds when I pile them up to vacuum. Well, I don't vac, Frank vacuums....really.

    I am the envy of every Swissy owner in the country, he is known far and wide!


  5. I'm going to join a 1/2 sq tri swap, this just might be the motivation. Love the hand quilting, it's amazing how dense they quilted.

  6. Beautiful quilt and good gifts. I would like to have such a ruler.

  7. I have made a tree quilt but not like these stunning beauties. Love your Princesses on the Pillows.

  8. Is that the one I "made" you buy... ;) Gorgeous!!

  9. YES!!! I nearly forgot! Yes it's all Jackie's fault that I bought that tree quilt... She pointed it out,and I wrote the check! LOL! hmm, i bought two quilts, again,all Jackie's fault! ;-)

  10. Love the trees V, esp the colouring of the 2nd. Your sleeping beauties are gorgeous, do you think they would notice a pea under those cushions?!! xo

  11. omg.. i want a tree quilt! i've never done one.. go figure!

    and your sleeping beauties are so adorable.. i love the stack of pillows!

    thank you for being on the hop.. you rock my world!

  12. LOve the tree quilts, on my list of quilts to make
    I even started cutting squares for it :)
    thanks for sharing your beauties with us!
    love the sleeping beauties bet they would have loved it they were piles of quilts instead of pillows !

  13. btw the hand quilting in both of these quilts is just amazing! the flowing feathers look like something you have done on your machine!
    the wreath in the alternate block of your latest purchase is just beautiful wow
    great purchase

  14. They are more like the princess and the pea with those pile of pillows.LOL
    I love the tree of life quilt and do have ambitions to make one soon your new baby is gorgeous

  15. Love both tree quilts. Are they pine tree blocks?

  16. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love the quilts! They are fantastic! Congratulations!

  17. Love the feather vine on the 2nd tree quilt.
    You should have come to the American Quilt Study Group seminar in Cherry Hill 2 weeks ago-antique quilt heaven! You'll have to ask Meg to tell you about it.


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