Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Here's the other goodie I bought that HAD to come home with me.
Frances Holiday Alford, also a member of the board 
of AAQ, makes these amazing beaded treasures.
Purely inspirational. It's called Paperclips & Cats. Love it.

 Alas, someone taller than me! Dan Rouse flew in from CA!  brilliant and charming... I have to say these guys are rocking the quilt world... This confirms for me a comment I made last year about putting together a MEN's quilt retreat, Plus me.  I just want to be in a room and watch these guys create. 
I want to be the fly, and feel the creative energy...

 Male Energy Example number two. Having Mark Lipinksi, Luke Haynes and Mark Dunn in a room for a board meeting... creative energy flying left and right...(from the breeze of Mark's fan of course!)
 is everyone hydrated?

 Mod quilters from all over on Friday night... CT, OH, NYC... Thomas Knauer, Heidi and Heather from CT mod, Jennifer Paganelli, Heather from OH, and me. By the way,we,  the NYC MOD guild just put up the new website... it will soon be available for sign ups...stay tuned!
Speaking of NYC MOD quilters, here's a few!  I cherish each of them. They are fabulous folks.
David's pal, David, Andrea, and Helen

Jenny Egg was quite perplexed by 100 people being in our home... I don't think she thinks she got enough attention... (she never gets any ya know!) LOL!

Oh! this turned out so well... When Jackie was coming down to my place, she had to bring along 5 quilts. three were mine and two for a couple other people. I said, you should get one of those, bags that you suck the air out of...You know the AS SEEN ON TV things from Walmart?
 and guess what?
She did! Isn't it brilliant? It worked fabulously!
 and lastly!

Mary E!

You won the OUT OF THE BOX BOOK!

Send me your info and I will get it mailed off to you!


  1. Hi, sounds like you had a fantastic time. Love the beading, just stunning. Also love those 5 quilts, who knew?? Happy days. Chrisb

  2. congratulations to me!! jaw dropping, compose, breathe. lucky me, lucky lucky hoocy momma me. thanks so much victoria! :>)

  3. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for sharing your home with 100 people! We all enjoyed the event, the personalities, and seeing a real, honest-to-goodness loft!

    Chris (Ninepatchnurse's friend)

  4. Okay, so I have to say the space bag was brilliant! You were spot on. I don't think I could have done it without the bag. And little Jenny Egg... does she miss me?

  5. About 4 years ago I went on a medical mission to Peru and I managed to fit 80 quilts into 3 duffle bags using space bags. They are amazing! Men's retreat huh? I'd want to see pictures for sure.

  6. It was a pleasure meeting you, too! Look how happy we are. Congratulations to you and all of AAQ for a great event.

  7. I attended the last East Bay Modern Quilters and I have to say that the two men that were there had outstanding show & tells. I hope more men continue to get involved in quilting.


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