Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparing for Friday. NYC.

Things are GROWING around here....
The siggy quilt is taking shape! So? what do you think?
So much for that column fabric... way to drab! 
Perhaps it will live on the back...
or NOT!

I am back in NYC, and brought along my pieces to finish the two borders at
our METRO MOD sewing day at city quilter on Sunday!
What a fun way to end a great "Quilters Take Manhattan" weekend!
Jackie is coming down tomorrow too. Can't wait!

 One of our MOD members, was thinning her stash, and sent me a big package
of red pinks and oranges....(Below) I jumped right in... time for a little applique project!
 The fun part has been auditioning backgrounds.... and trying to figure out just how
many of these babies I wanna make... I'm thinking not very many!

This quilt cutie is an oldie I recently got, it was waiting for me here at the loft!
Isn't it funky?
It makes me smile every time I walk by it! I love it!

I'm cleaning up my loft... So I had to make new pillowcases for my bed...
Because you know, cleaning = spruce things up, 

SO MUCH FUN to read all your lovely comments on the giveaway below.
Thank you so much for all your kind words.
I really appreciate you all coming to see what I've been up to...

Can you all just come over and sew, like right now?



  1. I'll be right there! hehehe Sorry, I have to save my last days of vacation to spend xmas with my dad in Arizona. I'd just die if he was by himself over the holidays. Next year I get an extra week, you never know!

  2. Wow! The siggy quilt is so fun!!! I love all the different blocks! :)

  3. Siggy's looking great! I'm not surprised you decided against the drab. Well, you gave it a chance at least.

  4. Love the direction you took your signature quilt. Looking forward to show and tell from your group.

  5. Thanks for the invitation! - a bit too far, just now - maybe one day?
    Signature quilt looks good and it's nice to see my block in there among all the lovely others.
    Love the antique quilt design - would that make a good block of the month over on your 15 minute blog?

  6. Love love love the border on your siggy quilt - who knew, more pink from you? lol - it really works! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. oooh! I love that border you're adding.

  8. Wish I could come sew with ya!!

    Love that oldie "funky" quilt you have in your loft.

    The purple pillows are a FABULOUS add on to your "sprucing up."

  9. Your Siggy quilt is looking great. Love the outer border. All the projects and quilts are wonderful. Wish I could be there to sew. Hugs

  10. abso the JM pillow cases...and whatever shall i work on this Sunday....I have not many ideas in my head....

  11. Love the new direction for the signature quilt. The new border and layout are way more "you"... Have a great weekend and please post lots of photos!

  12. Oh so fun and funky and modren and you! Love that siggy!!! See you soon lovely gal.

  13. i would love living in a loft space. and wow, living in nyc. (excuse me, i was just dreaming out loud) the border is divine!!! the colors and the block pattern, how do you do it? i declare girl, you just come up with the best design idees and get so much accomplished....and,and i'm still in my nightie!!!! :>)

  14. That second border is fabulous!

  15. That diagonal stripe in orange on the siggy quilt is PERFECT.....I love it!

  16. The siggy quilt is looking fab. Love the border - you are a master!!


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