Thursday, August 4, 2011

MOD 8 + Lotta Jansdotter! = FUN!

Eight of us from one of my 15minute bee's decided we wanted
to continue to work, PLAY, challenge & Inspire together with fabric,

We made a little group/blog where we will continue to challenge each other,
making stuff from new fabric lines, scraps, you name it.
Right now we are working on make something FUN & NEW
LOVE the fabrics... 
So pop over from time to time and see what we're working on

 I had so many emails about my necklace from that big party...
It wasn't part of the dress, It was just a very cool necklace I found

You can twist it, shape it, any which way and it stays that way...

Cool, huh?

Know that Boo:
1. Picked it out for me.
2. Claimed it as HERS, for when she grows up
3. Had hours of fun playing with it and deciding how
I should wear it on my dress that night....

She's already raiding my closet!

My Loft is all clean, and ready for all the weekend fun! Woot!Woot!
See some of you Friday night!



  1. The fabric you are working with are fantastic. Love your necklace. My daughter has one and loves it. OMG you loft is beautiful. Hugs

  2. ooo I can't wait to see what you guys create with that fabric! looks like you're all going in different directions which makes it exciting!! I'm impatiently waiting for the line to be released so I can get my hands on it as well.

    your loft is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could come on Friday, but I may be headed up to one of the Saturday events, we'll see.

  3. I love to see pics of your's how I imagine artsy people in NYC would do their space.....I love it! All those big, bold colors, and the huge artwork and's very good! What a fun and inspiring place to live and work in!

  4. how fun to have a small play group! I need one of these.. wonder where I can find a fabulous group....mmmm maybe I might know a few people...

    and you better watch that girl stealing your clothes already!


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