Monday, August 29, 2011

No phones or Internet

I'm attempting to put up a post... My iPhone is not letting me reply to emails... It's all very sporadic... At least we have power, as 90% of east hampton is without power... Today is a big clean up day...

Be well.
Will reply when I can...



  1. start you engines...(your chainsaw engines)or (leaf blowers), i can hear the noise from here. thanks for the picture. thought your sculpture was a quilt hanging on a clothesline in your last post, hahahah like, why would she hang a quilt out during a hurricane???? hahaha :>)

  2. just talked to my daughter in Phila - some trees down and lots of flooding, but only a little puddle in most neighborhood basements =-)
    hope you are safe and clean up is easy!

  3. Good luck, I am sending many prayers to you and your neighbors that the clean up is minimal and that no one was hurt. This was certainly a nasty storm.

  4. Stay safe. We are still awaiting word as to if we even still HAVE a cabin in Vermont.

  5. Glad you got your power back, we finally got ours this afternoon. And it is catch up time for me too, hard to clean house with no power, lol. My garden looks sad, but nothing died, so things will keep growing at least.


  6. So glad to know you are all safe! Love the blocks you pictured yesterday. Very kewl.
    Hugs, Deborah

  7. I hope there is not too much damage but am glad to know you are safe.
    Please tell us about your red ( tick? ) ( L ) sculpture thingie in your garden.


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